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One day,while I am chillin' in a hospital bed,an unknown man visited me and said. "Hey, princess....you don't belong here," before I even have the chance to curse him from his head to toe,left and right ,until his body is bleeding from the hundred curse of my tongue lashing for calling me a princess, "Me",the HUNK me!,He already kicked me out of the world I knew and dropped me in a body of another man! In my original world, I peppered my words with curses. I went wild until I dropped dead. I got drunk until I crawl. But currently, I must behave..... definitely behave.....utterly behave..... Because the body I am possessing is a frickin' princess!!!fuck it!!!. Or else,this head of mine will definitely roll down in a blink of an eye... I will say it again in my heart.....DAMN IT!!!

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Book of Beast : Invasion

Chapter 32 Book of Beasts : Invasion

" Sister, how long will it take for you to open that barrier?," Xueqing ask Yueji while guarding their back. Yueji is already murmuring some spell to open one by one the barriers around the treasure . The two of them is the first to find the round small temple that held the treasure for the competition. But the barrier around it is taking too much time to open!

"Sister, more or less half an hour, whoever put up the barrier makes a ridiculous amount of it! ", Yueji can't help but complain while releasing the barrier .

Saber in hand, Xueqing keeps her eyes open to whoever come near them. The prize in this level is almost in their hands, they can't be lax and let it be taken by others!

Outside, A couple of cultivators notice the dead beast near the temple. It is from the Sublime mages school! , The two of them is a mage and Practitioner partners. They are the main representative of their school in spirit foundation level.

The mage release his divine sense in the area where they saw the dead beast.

" This beast died just moments ago. Whoever can kill this type of beast in this level is definitely at the top of Spirit foundation level. Just who is it? Is it from Fang?", The Practitioner mumbled to the mage.

" No, the type of injuries are different. Probably Song or alliance," the mage answered then look where he seen something from his divine sense. " There!, Let's go!," The two of them immediately run towards where the temple is!

Xueqing stand and hold talismans in her left hand and saber on her right.

"Yueji! ,Faster! Someone's coming!",

"Yes, On it ! ", Drop of sweats already on Yueji's forehead. She is already putting her all to open this blasted barrier!!.

In the Fourth level, a bird type beast is flying away madly from Cultivators that is chasing it in the middle of heavy thunderstorm. Magics spell and spirit weapons are being thrown at it in every turns!,but the beast is too fast , no attacks ever touch it .

The beast is a three meters tall bird with colorful feathers, long tail like a snake, sharp nails on its feet and face like a human!, The most terrifying is its eyes, the plain white eyes who can devour a soul!, It is the soul ripper beast!

"There!, That soul ripper finally shown itself!, " Song Wenyan saw the group of Cultivators in fast chase. The two of them are currently standing in the mouth of a cave. Waiting for the heavy thunderstorm to pass.

Song Weisheng with his heightened sense notice the person approaching from the other side. " Fang Yunxu is here",

" Damn! Nine star are here too! ", Wenyan murmur a spell for them to not be drench before coming out of the cave. " This is a gathering!,"

Song Weisheng take out a talisman of flight and activate it quickly, The talisman manifest itself as a large hawk ! He clutches his twin's back and throw him towards the Hawks wide back as he himself jump towards it.

"Be careful on its eyes, we can't be careless," Song Wenyan told his twin.

The soul ripper make a loud sound of wailing , the surrounding Cultivators immediately make a barrier for themselves, that sound is dangerous. A soul ripper can manifest a soul wave! Some of the chasing Cultivators didn't make it in time to shield themselves from the attack and drop to the ground.

The others continue with fast paced chase with the soul ripper! A cultivator from Nine star Alliance manage to over take the soul ripper but to only be ripped literally in half by its sharps nails! Blood showered the grounds while the soup ripper break free from its chasers.

"This soul ripper is almost on the nascent level ", Mei Ying from Lotus river sect is chasing in a considerable pace. Not near but not too far. " Fast but can be chase. The problem is the pressure in this place, it is taking its toll after a few days of staying here. This weather too is not helping !" She looked at the other cultivators. There are still few who can move the same as the start of the competition. Gu Yun from Sublime mages school, Song twins, the crazy guy from Fang and two unknown independent Cultivators .

Gu Yun who is flying riding his sword and the nearest to the soul ripper notice something unusual. This soul ripper face is getting dark and its feathers are starting to change its colors too. As a mage , he is very knowledgeable about beast and he knows this kind of changes is unusual. The air around the beast are thrumming and even the rain drops fall in its body is evaporating quickly!.

He started to slow down with his chase and stare at the flying soul ripper with a frown. Other cultivators notice him and the changes in the beast they are chasing. The soul ripper is changing! It is getting bigger and the feathers are getting darker, It's white eyes are getting bigger and a sygil manifested in its iris.

Gu Yun has a bad feelings seeing this. He started to back down and scream on the incoming Cultivators." Don't come near it! "

Back in the spirit foundation level, a fight has already started with Song Xueqing and the two from Sublime mages school. Xueqing is in a slight disadvantage as Yueji is still breaking the barriers.She activate around twenty shield talismans simultaneously after fighting against them.

" Song are really rich! Tsk, wasting this much magic talismans!", The mage is looking at her in disgust.

Xueqing smile at them sweetly and said " not a waste as it will help us win this competition"

"Ah! Sister , I am at the last barrier!" Yueji told her elder sister via divine sense. In a moment, the barriers finally crushed ! Yueji happily step into the temple but stopped immediately .

"What is -!?!", She didn't even manage to finish the sentence when a intense dark ball of light engulped every one near the temple!

"Yueji!!," Xueqing only managed to call her sister before she engulped too with the same light!,

As if on cue, the dark light multiple itself a hundred of times! The air is thrumming and the dark ball of light is covered in Teleportation sygils ! One by one, the teleportation sygils activates itself.

As Gu Yun screams to warn everyone. The Soul ripper stop from flying. It perch in a tall formation of rock. This beast looks way far different than when they all first see it . Dark feathers and the face is almost covered with its huge eyes. Cultivators around stopped and shocked on what it looks like!

"This is definitely not a soul ripper!", Fang Yunxu muttered ,then take out his sword.

"Why did this beast pretended to be the soul ripper!?what do you want!!?," An independent Cultivator is not even faze with Gu Yun's warning and even come nearer to the beast.

The beast move its head and look directly at the cultivator. The cultivator didn't even look directly at the beast eyes and yet his screams of pain resonated at the whole place! The scream cut short when his head explodes in messy pulp!.

Other cultivators gasp at the scene. Some even started to back off.

"Brother, my tracking plate is not working, yours? ", Song Wenyan ask his brother via divine sense. Song Weisheng shake his head. " I think this dimension is sealed., The tracking plate is useless here ", they looked at the beast with grave expression.

The beast let out a loud soul wave once again! Almost all the barrier they erected to shield themselves are wavering right now. The soul wave doesn't even pass yet and the sigyl in its huge eyes activates!

The beast disintegrates into a black liquid! Then the flowing liquid make a sygil, a teleportation sygils! It is a huge one that is in midair! From the teleportation circle ,a gigantic feet step out! Then the body huge as a mountain came out! ,Then another and another and another came out!

"Wha- how ! How can a giganticus co-come here!? ", Cultivators around can't help but be afraid of what they are witnessing.

" An invasion? ", Song Xi watch all the things happening in the Beast Land closely.

"Is this what he means by the stench he told me? " , He flinches when he felt the seering and burning feeling on his wrists. It keeps going on for an hour now. He look at it and can only see the pale skin. The burning feeling is flowing slowly on his wrists to his arms. His brows can't help but twitch a little from pain. This is the first time he felt pain from the moment he transmigrated here in this world.

It is not Poison. Nor even a curse. It is coming from his own soul.He tried to scan himself using his divine sense to find what's happening to his body but he can't see anything wrong with him. But he saw something different inside his Land of Zhao . The tower that is superimposed in the skies are clearer. A small fire are burning beside the close gates, lighting a bit of the tower.

"That tower? Song Xi doesn't have any recollection of what is that for. Is it the one who's affecting me?", He clenched his hands when the burning feeling intensified.

He didn't notice the hands of the one who is supposed to be sleeping clenched too when his brows twitch and looks at his own wrist. The smiling lips turned to straight line. Even the sunny skies above them is now covered with thick clouds.


I hate what that hyssop symbolizes on that hands.

I hate seeing the prince in his high tower.

I hate even more the days when my sun hides alone in his bloody sea.

I hate , I hate , I hate ...

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