The Mates of Dragons Book

novel - Fantasy Romance

The Mates of Dragons


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What would you do if you found yourself face to face with the last living dragon? Would you say yes if he wished to claim you as his mate? Could you pay the price if it meant being with your true mate? The world has grown smaller, mythical and magical creatures have become things of stories. At least for most people, but for those that know, capturing these creatures is a must. It's a race between those that would save them and those that would use or destroy them for gain. Magic has a price, and it is a steep one paid in the blood of the innocent. Kendra is one of these creatures, and unknown creature called the homunculus. She believes she is trying to help save the creatures of this world. Though sometimes those that are doing right, are misued by the ones doing wrong. Something Kendra learns quickly when her team comes face to face with a creature none of them have ever dealt with before. A dragon. Kendra is the first to realize that this dragon they are sent to capture is as dangerous as they say. He should be feared for he has no love of humans, humans took everything from him. What Kendra is most unprepared for is what she is truly is, and that is a mate to the last living dragon. book1: Mates of Dragons book2: Souls of Dragons book3: Atlantean's Mate book4: Atlatean's Dragon