The Mate You Give

Wealth, fame, power, Alpha Davien is the stereotypical playboy who has both the looks and commitment issues. Leading one of the most powerful packs in the whole of New York, life couldn't be much better for him. That was, till his father made an announcement that changed his all so perfect life. With his father stepping down from chairman and their company merging with their number one rival. Davien was left with no choice but to agree to a marriage between himself and the heir of their rivals to preserve the peace and keep his inheritance. Infamous for rejecting three mates in a row, Davien is certain that his so called marriage would end as miserably as any other of his entanglements. However, on the night of his engagement party to Silvia, the eldest daughter and heir to the company, a surprise guest arrives at the event. Kian Saint. The nineteen year old rebel son of the rival company, rumoured to have gone to prison abroad and was deported. Tension rises when Davien and Kian both discover that they're actually each other's mates! Determined not to lose his inheritance, Davien offers Kian a large sum of money with the intention of rejecting the mate bond. Things go south when Davien hears what Kian has to say... "Do I look stupid? Why should I accept this small amount when I can become your husband and have all your money to myself?" Conflicted, he tries to approach Silvia but is left stunned at what she has to say. "I'll admit, I'm a bit shocked myself, but I'm glad Kian has a mate! As long as you keep my brother happy, I won't run your company into the ground." Left with no other choice, the playboy Davien marries an omega seven years younger!

Riceballs_25 · LGBT+
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267 Chs

Chapter 245

Kian's P. O. V

We left Oliver and Olivia together to catch up on things, Davien offered to drive me out for lunch, insisting that I needed to take better care of the baby. He took me to a quiet restaurant with not many people, and less noise. I ordered something to eat but he didn't, he insisted he wasn't hungry. But I could notice he looked thinner somewhat and sleep deprived, he was every bit just as worried as I was about the rescue mission.

That thought alone made me happy. He had also fought for me, standing up against Keegan for my sake, the more I thought about this man, the wider my grin got.

As the waiter delivered the food, I felt the child inside me get hungry, and although I wanted to say something to Davien, I ended up stuffing my face with food, having absolutely no control.