1 Introduction

Everything the modern man was afraid of, got happened. Ruining the earth with his own hands. Awakening what was hidden in the dark, which only had told in the legends once.

Now all myths were coming out of the truth's hole one by one. Dressing you up to fear like a black coat of coercion. Many years had passed since believing mythical stories.

Humans had forgotten all those dark and filthy creatures for a while.

But now, some humans were calling and summoning them to come out and show up in the light.

In 2*91 earth wasn't the green and blue planet, the world was exhausted and turbulent. Many people had lost their lives to diseases and famine. The smell of death was everywhere. Radioactive contaminated much of the lands and the ocean; ice in the North Pole had melted. The water of the seas had become higher, and consequently, the mainland had hidden underwater.

The unstable atmosphere caused many troubles, a part of the earth had fallen deep into the cold while in the other parts became deserts and they would expand day after another day.

No one was safe from human mistakes. But what caused all this destruction? There were many affected people in every territory. The war had lasted two years till their weapons were strangely depleted, but nowhere left in peace.

The effects of radiation on the new generation were horrible even most of the visages had no similarities to the past days of humans' life. People were quiet without any protest to their bad situation.

Only a few portions of lands had left to live. Already 40 years past from the war. Men used to live in the worst shape of life and had destroyed the whole developments which were made in many years. Technology said goodbye to them, packed its suitcase, and left everything.

The hunger had become more and more fatal. Diseases had taken everywhere such as a ruthless usurper, but after all, authoritarians didn't stop hurting innocents and they the powerful ones got even wilder than before. There were no red lines of laws for them and used to seize every single chance of having more powers and abusing people.

Recently in the shadows, something has been moving, but no one cares. It's like someone spread a magical potion of abandon in the air, so their soul was locked in a metal cage and couldn't fly over the world or even make a small sound because their guards were like a giant black snake that will swallow them if they nag or make noises.

Recently eccentric things have been happening every night in some parts. People disappeared and nothing was left behind them except their bloody clothes which were founded in the forest or dark cliffs. Rumors were spreading out such as angry ghosts, dwarfs, or the black dragon which were hidden under the ground since thousands of years ago did this. The dragon which had slept for a long time and now got awaken and ready to take revenge from mankind, but who made all these rumors and published them? What are the benefits of fear for them? No one knows who they are except a small group of the young generation who had faced them.

From the billions of people, only a few million remained, satellites in space had burned out of the blue and fell to the oceans. They made the quiet creatures of the seas upset with all pollution. Sometimes they didn't give any chances to mankind to enter the seas. If anyone entered, they would have attacked by the scary groundswell and directly went to the deeps.

The water world was angry with all soil creatures. They considered them worthy of punishment; a ruptured atmosphere caused many acidic showers of rain.

Territories that remained safe from the war were divided into one kingdom, five regions and got new names.

In Deylan, people were farming; it was the only extensive land with forests and with clean drinking water. The government started to plant artificial forest projects in every possible domain and also in the large plains.

Violator dynasties had returned, the legendary stories that could only come out of the books had become reality. Tyrants and rich people used to live in different places. Far from the others and still had kept their autocracy. Every person dreamed of their facilities, governments in every part were fighting over and over and the fire of power wouldn't turn off inside their heart. Every day the thirst for it became more and innocents got sacrificed for their never-ending desires.

All electric power of the planet had been destroyed except one, which rationed between cities, on every street, there was only one light and regular people had no right to use the remaining technology. Fossil fuel such as oil was selling very expensive so people had less access to it. The way of keeping it safe from thieves was even the hardest, besides they had to handle many disrespectful behaviors.

Producing paraffin candles have started, they have found their way into the houses again such as many years ago, a chronicle of people with a lantern in hand returned, but the hopeful thing was that battery factory. It was still working. Because so many people would rather help without any income to take care of the last technology which soon will become a memory. Perhaps they were able to protect themselves against darkness even for a few days. It was the last hope.

Only 3 bottles of drinking water were sharing once a week between all families. Art and happiness had forgotten. Oblivion ruthlessly took everything with itself, the place of music was only in dirty bars. People used to swap clothing against foods or foods against clothing.

Available money was coopers, silver, and gold coins, but earning it had become so hard. The value of every metallic evil was higher than human life.

But, finally, after destroying their habitats and great fortune, they realized that living life was the greatest blessing which they had ever gotten because of everything that existed on the ground. The things that didn't care about before, even kicking the flowers have punishment now.

Building houses was forbidden when they were trying to make more artificial jungles and gardens, but the hope to reborn the earth like the first day could bring changes, but still, it was impossible in a few years.

Earth couldn't heal the scars that man had made on his heart, whatever, this time trying to survive seems to be a perfect idea for human, but for the earth it took hundreds of years to bring back stamina to itself and start a new life, human broke the heart of the earth, but why do they harm the earth for all they want?!

Those conflicts were for having more lands which means fighting for seizing the earth as personal property, but they destroyed everything. What a ludicrous and painful contradiction!

Red devils that had been defeated thousands of years ago by allied creatures and had been hidden behind the lie curtains had returned on the stage of life by a new way, misled so many and started quarrel between them to destroy the green and blue homes, now it was the time to ruin the rest of the planet.

The rulers were drunk in their power and wealth which was earned by a flood of blood.

War didn't hurt them much, without any shame they were using the drinking water to fill their pools and after personal use, they would give it to the poor. They called that charity.

Farmers had been planting and harvesting agriculture products, but in wage, they got a little bit of fuel and water privilege and some silver coins if they were generous;

From ancient times all these strange regnant sat on the people's chest such as a scary incubus and don't let them move or wake up from this scary breathtaking mare. They had nothing with themselves but fear. Everywhere they go their souvenir will be pain, death, disappointment, and misery, but nothing is left like that in sadness. Finally, a new era was beginning, groups of justice got allied and were ready to get out of the ruler's sights to help people.

The light of hope's flambeau which was almost died was regained. A new life was called upon from the lands of Deylan for taking back humanity which was locked in a prison by Red demons for a long time.

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