The Mask Of The Monster Book

novel - Fantasy

The Mask Of The Monster


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Warning: Mature Content Trigger Warning: Trauma, abuse (Not by the male lead) *** I pulled my face down again, taking her in for another kiss. This time the kiss was not too gentle, but it was not fast and rough either. But it was something, something sensual. Her hand again found the back of my neck and this time, she was pulling me down. In the warm air and the dim light radiating from the fireplace, our kiss went on, silencing my thoughts while I lost myself in the bubble of time as pleasure and desire filled my body and mind. *** Having a toxic family, all Ella wanted was to find a place where she could be happy. One day, she discovered an entrance to a whole other realm where there was no place for mercy. It was teeming with monsters and beasts yearning for power. Finding a human girl in the world of monsters and beasts, the most terrifying of all, known as the Beast, found a strange attraction towards her. Was it for her flesh or for the girl? ***