The Martial Unity

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Lord_Streak · Action
Not enough ratings
2125 Chs


"Tell me you are a Virodhabhasa seed without telling me that you are a Virodhabhasa seed." Master Deivon remarked with a wry smile as he gazed at the barrier that Rui had destroyed.

Soon after Rui had destroyed one of the long-range target practice barriers of the training facility that he had been assigned, he had immediately been stormed by the town guard force.

He did not like being treated heavy-handedly, but this time even he cooperated with the elite Squire officials who suspected an attack within the town.

However, they did not believe him when he said he had been the one to destroy the target practice barrier. Rui almost wanted to cry when they simply refused to believe the simple truth that he, a young Martial Squire had destroyed the barrier.