The Martial Unity

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Lord_Streak · Action
Not enough ratings
2137 Chs


"…That was more confident than I had expected."

"The question is a bit invalid," Rui replied calmly.

His tone was solid.


"I feel as though... I cannot stop pursuing my Martial Path. I physically cannot stop pursuing Project Water," he murmured lightly. "It is an inability."

Kane frowned. "What do you mean? Isn't pursuing Project Water a choice?"

"I used to think so…" He closed his eyes. "…until three days ago."

Kane furrowed his eyebrows in confusion. "I don't follow."

"My drive to pursue my Martial Path shook at the revelation but…" His eyes opened slowly. "…it didn't break."

Kane stared at him uncertainly.

Rui's eyes turned to him, meeting his gaze.

Within their depths stirred an endless darkness.

A void.

A single question escaped him.

"Do you know what I think that means?"