The Martial Unity

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Lord_Streak · Action
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2146 Chs

The Power of the Martial Mind

The twelve beings were pleasantly surprised at the sudden appearance of rich bounties attractive to their senses.

Yet their expressions darkened as they felt a familiar aura.

An aura they instantly recognized.

It was an aura of power.

Ordered, directed, controlled, and driven power.

The most potent powers they had ever faced.

A Martial Master.

An incomprehensible existence.

Despite the diminutive bodies that ought to have been lacking in power, they radiated unfathomable peril.

With tiny physicalities devoid of any extraordinary substance or extraordinary power, these unfathomable beings were still somehow so powerful that Master-level beasts could not even withstand a battle against them without tag-teaming with other Master-level beasts.

Within a moment of beholding the Martial Master at the center of the newly exposed dungeon, the twelve Master-level beasts instantly made a decision.