The Martial Unity

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Lord_Streak · Action
Not enough ratings
2137 Chs


The number of Martial Masters who simply could not accept the truth that the Void Prince had broken through to the Master Realm at the age of thirty-five was higher than I would expect. Their disbelief halted the progress of the meeting from the very moment it commenced.

Forget reconsidering their approach to the revelation of his breakthrough to the Master Realm, they were unable to accept the fact that he was indeed a Martial Master.

It was irrational.

Any amount of critical thinking would have illuminated the fact that the Martial Union would not call for the Master Council if it weren't certain about the reason for doing so.

Yet, despite that, many were irrationally vehement in their denial of the truth.

There was a simple reason for their incredulity.

What did it say about them if a young thirty-five-year-old Martial Artist reached the Master Realm in a tiny fraction of the time they did?