The Martial Unity

**Join the Discord server for a high-quality Map of Kandria!!! ** A passionate researcher and lover of martial arts and combat sports finds himself reincarnated in a fantastical world of Martial Art. No longer shackled by the disease that afflicted his body on Earth, he decided to dedicate his body, heart, mind and soul to becoming a Martial Artist. What happens when a man of Earth meets an unearthly world? What happens when science meets fantasy? Follow Rui as he journeys through his Martial Path in a world of fantasies and tribulations. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Please support the novel with power stones, comments, reviews and gifts for more frequent updates. Even the tiniest bit of help does more for me than you can imagine. Join the novel Discord server: https://discord.gg/6HTFRFQh8G Art by: https://digitalrowye.com/

Lord_Streak · Action
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2128 Chs


By now, Rui had gotten used to the process of creating Metabody techniques. These techniques were distinctly different from normal techniques. If nothing else, they were much more difficult to create than normal techniques, that was for sure. That alone meant that they were a challenge, unlike nearly anything Rui had faced before. The sheer complexity of the techniques, as well as the standards of quality that he reserved for them, was very high from the get-go, and this was unlike any other technique that he had ever mastered before where he was more open-minded about the outcome.

And yet, Rui managed to complete the defensive Metabody technique well before the Martial Festival arrived. Ordinarily, such technique projects were easily one-year long projects each, just like many of his older technique projects had each taken nearly a year sometimes, these Metabody techniques were not something that could normally be finished this quickly. 

Yet, this time it was.