The Martial Unity

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Lord_Streak · Action
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Reign of the Master Realm

Rui stared at her with unadulterated surprise at the stunning revelations that his grandmother had shared with him. 

He had never considered the consequences of the Martial Mind on psychology.

He had implicitly assumed that it didn't have any major effects on the mind based on the empirical observations that Martial Masters weren't particularly crazy or psychologically deviant.

They had an erudite air about them, but that was all he had ever observed of them.

Yet, now his grandmother shared with him the truth.

"The Age of Martial Art has had many ups and downs," she calmly informed him. "Among the lows were things such as the Martial Revolution which consisted of civil wars across all of humanity. Another low was a brief period of barbarism when infants were subjected to horrors of all kinds in the hopes of producing powerful Martial Paths. And another lesser-known and downplayed low was the Reign of the Master Realm."