The Martial Unity

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Lord_Streak · Action
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2125 Chs


Yet this man had three on hand that he claimed to have created himself. This was hard to believe, yet, on the off chance that this was true, it would be of great value to him.

He recalled the first time that he set eyes on Rui. It was a novel experience.

Normally, Martial Squires were transparent to him. Their Squire-level Martial Art usually were individualistic and were synergetic with their Martial Bodies, which in turn was synergetic with their Martial Paths. It meant that their Martial Bodies possessed a lot of information about their Martial Art and Paths.

That in combination with their ticks, demeanor, personality, temperament, and movements allowed experienced Martial Masters like himself to see right through them.

Yet when he laid eyes on Rui, he was unable to see through anything. He was as opaque as a mountain. 

No, not quite a mountain as much as…

('…An abyss…') He narrowed his eyes.