The Martial Unity

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Rui immediately understood what she was getting at. 


"Correct," she nodded. "Prior to breaking through, you had more than enough experience from years in the Beast Domain. However, that was before you broke through."

Rui had to admit that she was right.

As far as being a Martial Master went, he was newborn infant.

"You need to gain experience with using your Martial Mind in combat. You need to gain experience with using your Martial Art, Body, and Heart alongside it," she continued. "In addition, you need experience against Martial Masters. Experience with beasts and monsters in the Beast Domain is all well and good, but the biggest threat to a Martial Master is another Martial Master. While Master-level beasts and monsters need an overwhelming numbers advantage against Martial Master, your peers are strong enough to fight and defeat you by themselves."

Rui's expression grew more serious as he absorbed her words.