The Martial Unity

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Lord_Streak · Action
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2128 Chs


The staff that had been monitoring him had long prepared high-grade potions and other esoteric first-aid treatments whose goal was solely to keep him alive no matter what. The staff did not know why Rui was so confident about surviving, but for some reason he was. Even if he did survive, they were certain that he would at the very least be gravely injured.

That was why their jaws dropped when they saw that the only wounds he suffered were superficial blunt-force flesh wounds. It was as though his flesh was able to reflect all of the pressure that the training facility had subjected to him.

"This…" The staff head murmured in shock.

Only now did he understand why the Martial Senior that they had been serving prior had been replaced with this Martial Squire.

"He's a monster…" The man murmured.