The Martial Unity

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Lord_Streak · Action
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2128 Chs


Rui's dark eyes lit up with a flash of interest. "…Gaia?"

The Divine Doctor heaved a soft sigh, glancing at the sky of the manifold. 

He grew quiet as his smile faded and his eyes softened.

A profound silence seemed to overtake the atmosphere.

For a moment, he became human.

"You see…" He began, his voice growing soft. "One fine day at dusk, when gazing at the setting Sun, I had an epiphany."

He continued, immersed in a reverie. "I consider it to be the most glorious moment of my long life. Not even overcoming death inspired the depth of emotion that I experienced from this magnificent revelation."

He closed his eyes. "In that moment, I came to realize that this world was not merely a lifeless stage for all life to occupy. It was not merely a dead speck of rock floating about in an infinite void we call the universe. It was not merely sustenance for the Tree of Life."

His eyes opened.

Within then flashed boundless intensity.