The Martial Unity

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Lord_Streak · Action
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Different Philosophy

Rui had predicted this outcome with about an eighty-percent chance of occurring. Groups that were Martialocratic and Martial Supremacist always tended to solve things with Martial Art.

He didn't expect the Silas Clan to deviate too much in that regard.

"I accept that arrangement, grandmother."

His voice was calm and composed, yet radiated unshakable confidence. He normally hid his aura because he disliked drawing attention. However, the Martial Artists of the Upper Realms had much greater insight into his power.

"Hm," The matriarch's eyes conveyed approval and interest. "Then so be it. We shall have you fight a chosen Awakened Bodyforger of our clan. Do you take issue with this?"

Rui stared at her dumbfounded. "…Awakened bodyforger?"

"Yes, boy. You are unqualified to fight a Mindforger and too strong to fight an ordinary Bodyforger. Only someone of the same rank of power is a worthy test of your power and claims."