The Marriage Deal With Mr. Red Flag

Author: fyaya
Contemporary Romance
Ongoing · 70.7K Views
  • 91 Chs
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  • NO.200+

What is The Marriage Deal With Mr. Red Flag

Read ‘The Marriage Deal With Mr. Red Flag’ Online for Free, written by the author fyaya, This book is a Contemporary Romance Novel, covering WEAKTOSTRONG Fiction, REVENGE Light Novel, BEAUTY Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: *THIS BOOK IS TAKING A BREAK*Sarah's world shattered when her boyfriend died, and his family blamed her for his untimely...


*THIS BOOK IS TAKING A BREAK* Sarah's world shattered when her boyfriend died, and his family blamed her for his untimely demise. The grueling trial left her emotionally drained and penniless. Then Noah, her late boyfriend's brother, appeared, offering a glimmer of hope in her darkest hour. But something about Noah didn't feel right. Despite her reservations, Sarah found herself falling for him. And when Noah tricked her into a marriage deal, Sarah realized too late that she had fallen into his trap. Now Sarah must choose between staying in a loveless marriage or facing the consequences of a past she can't change. Will she be able to uncover the real Noah and convince him to let go of their past, or will their story end in tragedy? Copyright : I own the cover.

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Fyaya's book is always on point. I love her books since they have the best writing quality. I really wish to be like her! That asides, this book is starting on a sweet but suspenseful note. Noah doesn't feel like a man to trust because of his alienty (a word in my dictionary 😅) however, we can't just help but to say he is the best for Sarah. I'm in the early chapters and haven't seen much about Sarah but I know this journey will be something enjoyable. I'm actually screaming in my head, rn! Good luck, author!


Author's third book! And the title is eye catching! It's only a few chapters so far. Can't comment a lot about it, but so far it looks good. As usual, the writing is excellent! Not hard to comprehend on what's going on. All the best for the author!


The nice first chapter, I have read it. It was awesome, keep up the best work✌️


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