The mark of Cain Book

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The mark of Cain


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Lorelei's cursed wolf threatens to destroy two powerful packs when both alphas fall in love with her and start a war for her love. ..... "mine..." both addressed to me, panic took over me, their wolves were all claiming me.... I could feel the shift of thinking from "let's have fun tonight" to " this Luna is completely and utterly mine". That blazing desire to make sure that I became the protected prized possession of theirs that no one else would be able to touch. My heart was pounding in my throat, the whispers of the people around us stunned me and the contending wolves only growled at each other with hatred. I had to run away, I had to flee from this place, for the first time in centuries, it was a real Luna hunting, when the cannon exploded I began to run through the maze as fast as possible on my human legs, the shackles with little silver spikes and the long white dress with the function of avoiding me shifting to my wolf form, I had to fight my escape being as vulnerable as possible, I had never envied humans so much, I hated this barbarism. I pushed through the pain for the silver spikes burning my ankles but I had to keep on running, I have made it this far.. just a few steps more to leave the maze behind. I reach the entrance to the forest and stop still as I nervously listen around me... dead silence. I let out a sigh in relief and I bent over trying to catch my breath, when an unfamiliar voice whispers... I find myself nailed to the ground, unable to flinch as I watch his silhouette grow closer to me. In the dark I spot his well built body, the curl of his smile and the mate sparkle in his eyes. It takes all the willpower of my wobbling legs not to give up beneath me. He stops in front of me and gently touches my arm, electric shivers burst through this touch and I find myself giving in to his presence. Rhylan is the one appearing in front of me, even though my body seems to be conquered my sane mind was still scared so I raise my hidden knife towards him. "Come on my Luna, I mean no harm, I wasn't after the lands I just wanted to have fun but now I'm actually here for you" he says grinning at me "You and I both know that you belong to me forever, do not resist to me"  he whispered in my ear, his words were breathtaking and the torture of my confused wolf continued. The hunt just started.... Parental advisory explícit content!!!! Romance, thriller, mentions of abuse, sex scenes.