The Man She Met Online Is A Billionaire Book

novel - Contemporary Romance

The Man She Met Online Is A Billionaire


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Kotori having a difficult time and her online friend offer her a solution to her problems that she can’t refuse. Kotori always dreamed of the perfect life and finding her prince. However, it became more of a burden. She is abandoned without a cent in her name. She works hard to keep her family together and is willing to sacrifice herself in order to make those around her happy. A mysterious, rich, and handsome man make a proposal and gives her everything that she could ever want out of life. It’s the perfect Cinderella story, a man saved her and fixed her problems. She even considers him to be her fairy godmother But what if he is the cause of her suffering? The image that has been painted her entire life isn’t so pretty anymore. It’s cold, dark, and painful. The only colors that could be seen is black and white. There is no in-between. When reality finally sits in, she realizes how cruel life really is. She is forced to learn to make difficult choices whether it’s right or wrong.