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A Simple Guy brought on upon a New world filled with Magic, a system and unforgettable characters. Start its way as a person who will live life to its Simplest, For Simple is Best. But is soon meet with a path needs to be crossed by a King. Will he become a King to Rule his people? or will he live his live as intended by his choices. Bitch, he chooses to be a King.

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Recruiting me...Part 3: Chapter 27

As the sun was slowly settling down and the wind starts to frisky around the skin of the boy who was covered in sweat, he was finally at the end of one of his goals for the day. With his final swing flinging across the beaten rock, it shattered like a fragile mirror and imploded into different directions yet none came towards the boy's way.




The system of the skill opened after that and it revealed the the completion of his training of swinging a sword perfectly for ten thousand times over.

[Swordsman's Apparel]

==Swordsmanship Owned: 1/100

-Basic Swordsmanship - 85% Complete [SELECTED]

Objective of Mastery:

-Swing a sword perfectly [10,000/10,000] -[completed]

-Completely coat your sword in your mana at a full state [35/100]

-Master your Intuition [100/100] -[completed]

"Haa….Haa…finally, I'm done with the swings, but the last objective still isn't halfway through…"

He said as he grabs the water container, pouring it down his mouth to quench his thirst. As he drinks his water, he could see system of objectives floating by his eye level. Clearly he was satisfied with his work for the day but the last objective kept his mind at an unease mood.

"Mana coating…It only rises when I fully coat my sword at a full state and for a sword to be in a full state, it makes me use half of my mana…5 mana points into a sword isn't really a good deal for me…but my mana recharges faster now than it was the first time so it won't be long before I complete this swordsmanship." He said in full observation of he's training.

His body has now adapted to the magical capability to recharge faster and this was because of his repetitive use on mana. The more he uses his mana at a larger and more harsher amount means that his body had to adapt to the changes of how mana affected his body. As a result it only takes about an hour to fully replenish his mana to a full 10. and with more excessive training he might be breaking into a new circle of mana.

"...Looks like it time for me to go back home, I've hunted at least 15 monster's. That's good enough for the day I guess." he said as he started packing his things back into his backpack.

"...7 more days until the terrorist attack and 2 more days until I visit the terrorist group in a karaoke bar…*sigh*, I gotta keep tabs on these things, I know how forgetful I can be with these sorts of details so I better buy a phone after this hunt. It's going to be helpful to have notes your phone…but for the progression towards the novel's story, maybe I should start writing down the important facts on a notebook…" he said as he started reminding himself the to-do list he was about to do for the day aside from training.

When everything was ready and packed, he was now making his way back to the gate. As he did so, he was starting to feel the temperature dropping in this gate…to a point where he could see his breath every time he would exhale.

"...This world really is strange, at night it seems to be cold to a point were it's supposedly snowing but I don't see any snow at all…and when the sun comes out, everything returns to a standard living temperature."

This was just one of a million examples of how vast the universe was to create such fascinating world that was out of the standards of the human understanding.

Although despite this chance to study why this climate would occur, Hamil didn't have time to do so nor does he care. He would only read what is necessary and do what is needed to be done.

Moments later, he was now at eyesight level of the gate with the guard who was standing by it.

As he came closer to the gate, he saw the guard move, specifically the guard called out to the radio that was placed on his pocket.

'He must be reporting about my return.' thought Hamil as he didn't find it strange for a guard to report a returning hunter in the end of the day. This was to make sure of the count for how many hunters would stay the night inside the gate and how much would come home at the end of the day.

He continued to walk towards the gate until he was now upfront of it, he didn't stop to look at the guard since it didn't really matter.

It didn't took a second and he was already feeling the room temperature that was on the other side.

"..." he was finally through the gate.

As soon as he walked through, he immediately found himself back at the hunter's association. There were less hunters now in the building and the nigh-shift worker's were starting to appear, especially the janitors who came to mop the place.

He didn't stop to see anything else and instead he went to look at the counter that would exchange his profit from his hunt.

But as he made his first step, a disturbing feeling came surging down his body…someone was looking at him from afar.

"..." he slowly turned his head around to see where that gaze was coming. He tried to make it look as normal as possible to avoid suspicion from the stalker but as he turned to where that stare was, he was met with an elderly gaze from a familiar fellow.

"...!?" as if like a ghost in the market place, there in the center of the association building stood a man who was wearing a topcoat and a fedora, being passed through by some minimal hunters who just came back from a hunt. He's presence was almost none-existent, every hunter could not feel his very stature and janitors would just avoid his place all together.

The man was clearly showing his presence only to the boy that was in front of him.

"!! As Hamil turned his direction to that person, he made sure not to look directly at his gaze to not take notice of this fellow but it was futile, and Hamil knew this. The moment he looked to that person's direction, the person was already making his move.

As if each millisecond passes, this person was one inch closer to him…like a spell that would manipulate space itself, this person was already at the front of Hamil's presence.


"...Hello Mr. Hamil, We meet again." said the fedora wearing fellow.

"...Hello…Mr. Henry." Hamil already quite knew who this person was…it was from his somewhat familiar scent…a scent that was similar to that of the certain noble he met yesterday.

"Please, just call me Henry. No need for formalities." said the ever suspicious man.

"...Can I ask what this is about? Was this about the check I withdraw yesterday? Was it too much Or was it to little?" Hamil started guessing the reasons why this butler was here today but none of what he stated seems to take change of the butler's reactions. He came here for a whole different reason.

"...Sign." said the butler as he brought out a piece of paper to the front of the boy and with a single ballpoint pen. He raised it to the boy's face, near enough that it was readable but not near enough that it was startling.

"...What is this?" asked the boy in full confusion.

"...This is a contract from a notable noble." said the butler. Although he didn't explain what it was though.

"Is this from Ranzy?" Answered the boy with question.

".…Yes." said the butler as he didn't move his hand that held the paper from his original position.

*Sigh…* "I don't think I have the time for this Mr. Henry, I just came from a hunt recently and I'm very tired." said Hamil as he tried to justify his reasons to avoid this person altogether.

"I believe I can't do that Mr. Hamil, you see I've promised my lady that I will get this done before the end of the day, and as you can see, It's 7:05 PM."

".…Hold on a-"

"Nothing you say or do will help adjust the situation that is before you today, so I suggest you listen to my offer Mr. Hamil. As you can see, I am a very loyal servant to my lady so I will do everything in my power to grant my lady's wishes." said the butler with his endearing yet cold voice as he cuts Hamil off from what he had to say.

"...Fine but let exchange these mana cores in the counter then we can talk." Hamil complied to the butler, not because he was threatened but it was because he didn't want to cause trouble with this butler, a person part of a household in a noble family.

"As you wish Mr. Hamil." said the butler with his endearing formal voice.

'This butler is…an assassin if I'm guessing it right. His presence isn't something a normal household butler could ever master. His methods aren't seen yet, but I can tell that he's dangerous just from our conversation. His tone was sharp and had a deeper meaning beside "Just Listening to his offer" in fact, all I got from that was follow me or else it will end badly for me…' thought Hamil as he was walking towards the counter.

A few minutes passed by and Hamil got a total of 15,000 ence from his hunt.

"I guess this is enough to buy a phone…" said Hamil as he felt contemplated for instantly thinking of buying something from his hunt for the day…it felt wrong to just do this.

"Are you finish Mr. Hamil?" said the butler as he approach the boy who was staring down his wallet with a complicated expression.

"Y-yeah, let's go. I'm quite hungry actually so can we visit a restaurant in the area while you show me the contract?" said Hamil as he was feeling a bit hungry from training all day. This wasn't like the Ruler's domain where you constantly remain healthy so eating was something he would have to do at a daily basis…

"Hmm I do think that a restaurant is nearby this area, so I'll take us there." said the butler as he brought out a key with key-chains out from his topcoat pocket. Insinuating that he drove here with a car.


As they got out of the building, Hamil was met with a super luxurious blue car parked in front of him. As if it was a chauffeur waiting for it's master's return.

"Whoa, that's a nice car." said Hamil as he genuinely shown he's amazement towards the car.

"It is, isn't it." said the butler proudly as he playfully walked towards the car while spinning the keychain around his finger.

He opened the door for Hamil, telling him to get in.

And as they were both settled in the car, Henry started driving off.

"...This seems like an Expensive car, How much did it cost you to own this?" said Hamil as he tried starting a conversation to pass the time.

"Hmm, I think it was around 25 million ences, of course it includes taxes as well. It took me 5 years of working under the Savez family to finally pay off this beauty."

"So, that means you make around 5 million ence a year!?"

"Indeed it is, It may seem much to commoners but for my position to be the Head butler of the Savez family only means that that much is just enough."

"Amazing…since we're talking about the Savez family, can you tell me more about them?"

"Hmm, lets see…Ah yes…..

The Savez Family was a wealthy Noble Family that managed the Mining Company known as the Bedrock Corporation. They mostly manage the Minerals located inside the Gates to research their value. With their capable hands, they were able to find valuable minerals such as:

Heartstone Caliber: a mysterious stone in the shape of a heart and with it, this mineral was able to create the usable potions known today as Healing Potions. This research was founded by Ranzy's Great great grandfather when they discovered a certain gate that lead to its discovery.

Fish-eye Mana Bale: a certain mineral founded deep in the oceans of a B-ranked gate. Inside this gate laid billions of fishes that produced high quality mana that were focused on the eyes of said fishes.

Kingsley Iron: The second most valuable iron known to man, instead of finding this iron in a gate, this iron mineral was founded here in this world 300 years ago buried in a deep located and classified location, only the high ranking nobles were given access to such information of such a valuable material.

All sorts of minerals were also founded by the Bedrock corporation, and with their extensive research they helped improve the lives of many people, especially hunters.

The Savez family was a well-known nobility in the Kastelyst Kingdom, having given a high ranking emblem to befit their image for their contributions. And right now, Ranzy Volde Savez was the 11th generation of the family to Inherit the name of their title.

If she were to attend the Royal Academy, her name would without a doubt be in the interest of the nobles. Since she was born in a high ranking family, she was expected to be one of the best in the school.

".…"hearing this information somehow puts Hamil in deep of his thoughts.

"Ah, we're here Mr. Hamil." said Henry as he informed Hamil of their arrival at a certain Family restaurant.

"Denny's Filler?" said Hamil as he read the name of the restaurant above.

"Lets go in Mr. Hamil, so we can start the details of this contract."

As they went in the family restaurant, they were greeted by the waitress and were lead to the left side of the restaurant. There, they saw the freeway of the road where normal looking cars would drive by.

"here you go." said the waitress as she handed over to menu folds to both Hamil and Henry.

A few minutes go by and they finally ordered something from the menu. A set of hamburger steak for Hamil and only tea with sandwiches for Henry.

As they both started enjoying their meal, Henry went and pulled out the piece of contract from his pockets and showed it to Hamil so that he could read it while he was chowing down on his steak.

A few minutes later, he was finally able to finish reading everything that was in the Contract.

"Hmm, so it's a partnership?" asked Hamil for clarification.


"The benefits are without a doubt in my favor."

"Indeed it is."

"So she found out I was going to attend the Royal academy?"


"Although, I'm still at the waiting list though?"

"The young miss has affirmed that you will pass the Physical examination either way. She saw your capabilities when you saved her back then and is confident you can pass with flying colors."

"I've heard about how Social groups in the Royal academy can gather up to a hundred members, How many are there in Ranzy's group?"


"Since we're still at the first year, I expect that a noble of her rank should at least gather up to ten people before the semester has even started. Am I right?"


"You're being quiet…don't tell me…"

"Yes…" affirmed the butler.

*Sigh* "Haaa…..So I'm the only member…" as Hamil sighed at his answer. He suddenly stood up from his chair and started walking away from the table.

"Where are you going Mr. Hamil?"


"I see, well take your time then.


As Hamil started walking away from the table, the butler began sipping down his lukewarm tea and half finished sandwiches.

"...I'm sure a person of his character would accept this offer. After all, the benefits given to him are not something one could easily pass by like it was nothing…especially to a commoner." said the butler to himself as he enjoyed the tea.

Not long after, Hamil returned and sat back on his table with an indifferent expression.

"Well?" said the butler as he handed over a pen to signify that the boy should sign.

"Hmm, I'm sorry but I should decline this offer."

"Eh? Why?"

"As you can tell, being part of a group is indeed a better choice but that only applies if those groups go way beyond 10 to 15 members."

"I see…but the benefits are no joke Mr. Hamil. I've told you of the successes of the Savez Family but you still won't comply!? Why?"

"...I'm sorry, but it just seems like suicide to join her group knowing that it will harm me someday. Noble kids are irritating to handle as well as prideful and obnoxious...Ms Ranzy may be different but…"

From Henry's perspective, Hamil's reasoning was right…it was definitely suicidal for a noble to attend a school without her own members to go with her and support her and it will only be more suicidal if she only had one member. Seeing that a group with only a single noble and one commoner to be her partner, the other group would only see this as hindrance and would easily erase it from the competition to become number one in the school.

Although there are some miracles to happen for example Arthur Rhodenfield where his strength was leagues above the rest. yet for Henry, Hamil was no miracle, he was no Arthur Rhodenfield.

He then saw Hamil stand in his chair and started running away…

Henry just stood in place as he see this boy run away from a chance of a lifetime.

"Dammit!" He said as he clinched the pen that was on his hand to a point that it broke and the ink splattered everywhere.

*Sigh…* he closed his eyes as he sighed out his issue and tried to regain back his composure.

"Hoooo...Okay, It seems like this boy was too blinded by the miracle our lady has given him…I will drag him back to my lady even if it means by force…It is my promise as the butler of the Savez family." he said as he finished eating everything that was on his plate.

As soon as he did, he called out to the waitress for the check and as soon as he finished paying, he instantly disappears from the table he was sitting on. Like a ghost on the wind, he left a cold unsettling feeling on that very spot he sat on.


"Haa….it seems like he isn't going after me now. That's great." I said while standing under a lamppost in the middle of the park.

All that running I did brought me here in these park…the only light source here was the lamppost and a few flickering fireflies.

"...lets sit on the bench first and gather our breath…" as I sat down on the lamppost, I turned to look at the moon that was ever so bright in the sky, with half of its face covered by the clouds.

"Hmm, that offer was enticing but the request was really impossible for any student. If I were her, I should just join another group, someone who has a higher rank than her to save face."

~Is that what you really think my lady should do? Save face?~

"!?" all of a sudden a voice came echoing down this open spaced park

I immediately stood from the bench and used my instincts to locate this voice...this dark and brooding voice that seems to echo in every direction possible.

"...no smell and the sound is everywhere. Shit!"

The best choice to do now was obvious. I should run!

And so I did.

Running as fast as I could, I immediately exited the park and into a district that was filled with stores and tight corners.

"Sign!" shouted the echoing voice like a madman.

"This voice!? it's old man Henry!?" I immediately figured out who this was. I mean it was obvious knowing today's events.

As soon as I did figure out who it was, my priorities changed.

'Fuck, it's Henry. If I show any form of movements that may seem unordinary to that of a normal F rank hunter, he might be suspicious. And he might want me more…I should only run now at the top speed around 40-45 kilometers per hour. Fighting back a shadow is going to be suspicious…So what I need to do is….'

I ran pass some people down the district and into the alleyway so that I could not alert the people here.

"Hup!" I exhaled as I jumped over a trash bin.

'He should still be following me…'

I ran from corner to corner without stopping.


"Fuck! It's a dead end." I acted being in a trapped in a dead end. I needed this chase to end like any weak helpless person would.

And as I stood panicking in place, a shadow appeared out of nowhere from the shades of the trash bin. Out came a certain old butler.

"...Henry, I already said no."

"What a foolish answer…if you wont comply to this then I still have my ways…are you familiar with a Slave Contract?"

"!!" the situation became entirely unavoidable now…I didn't think he would put out a Slave contract.

"Bind." he said as he enchanted a spell out of his hand. What came out was the wiggling form of my shadows slithering around my body like a snake and pushing me down to the floor.

"ah!" I screamed as I struggled to free myself from this spell.

"Will you now comply? This is your last chance Boy."


"Fine…you win. I'll comply." I surrendered to this bastard…the price of being a part of a group of a single noble was suicide but…being in a slave contract was way worse.

I thought I could talk it out of him but I was wrong…very wrong.

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