The Maiden's Revenge Book

novel - Fantasy Romance

The Maiden's Revenge


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Maiden Caliber was once a 25-year-old successful businesswoman whose ambition is to take revenge on those people who caused pain and agony in her life. She sought justice for her parent's death and bring turmoil in their predicaments. But what if everything turns upside down? What if the supposed revenge will not be successfully done because she died? But worse, what if after she died she's reincarnated to one of the otome novels her mother once wrote? Say the least that she's not even one of the main cast? But worst and worst of it all, the same history comes with the character she's playing, a girl whose parents died because they were killed by those powerful people in the kingdom? What will she do? Will she emerge from one of the least characters to one of the main protagonists? Will she take her revenge after all?