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I will give you my own version of pros and cons. You could check it yourself whether you are okay with the story or not. Don’t throw a rant if it is not your cup of tea, and everyone has their own preferences (You might hate a particular scene and remember that others might not). I will start with the cons first and save for the best. Cons: 1.Harem (I know that some might prefer this, and some might not. I will warn you here first if you haven’t checked the tag.) 2.MC might be dragged away by others at first. But he will slowly change as the story progresses and revolves around him. 3.Fewer releases. I am focusing on my main novel, but I will try to do a daily update. 4. I do research the materials before writing it. But it might still not be right, so feel free to tell me If I make it wrong. 5. Just saying, there might be some change in the story as the story goes on. I tried to outline how the story will go. But as the story progresses, I will certainly find that some of my original plots are not usable anymore and need to make new plots. So, there might be some points in this review that might be unusable anymore. Pros: 1. In the modern world, it might give you a better image to imagine the scene. 2. I love writing universal names. If you read the early chapter, you will find many names from other countries. I love making those names instead of naming all the people with one country’s style or a neutral name. (Not insulting others here, so peace.) 3. Powerful MC (?) with some hidden powers that will be revealed from time to time. The same applies to the world itself. 4. Harem (As I said before, it might become pros or cons according to own preferences.) 5. Not going to be a long story, but yeah, considering the length, it is certainly not a short one either. From my prediction, it is around 400 chapters. Might be lower or higher. Additional Info: 1. Chapter length: 1600-1800 words, might be longer. 2. Not a Native English speaker, so my English might burn you. I am trying to improve too, and if you find any mistakes, do tell me so I could fix it. 3. I am open to discussion, so feel free to tell me if I make mistakes or something. You can reply to ‘my’ chapter comments or this review as it is easier to find and read it. 4. It is a fantasy. Some of your logic might not be working in this world. Anyway, I won’t make it longer than this and keep you busy reading this review. If you like the story, please SMASH that vote button and considers adding this story to your collection.


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One of the most underrated books here. I love it. My only regret is that I found it too early, when there are only 70 chapters for me to read. Either way the characters are interesting, storyline is good, not too much plot holes and armour. So yeah, it's really good and I recommend.


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if your actually willing to read this is heavily recommend just staying on the synopsis and imagining how the book will go instead for a few hours since you would get far far far more enjoyment out of that and less "this because of that" "that and that" "that happened because that" which is also known as machine translation and not edited whatsoever. honestly though this is a REALLY bad machine translation so please just don't waste your life trying to rewrite the whole story in your head as you go so it makes sense. but if you do PLEASE type it out as you go and send me a link so i can read it. also the only reason this is 1.4 is because it seems like the updates are stable enough.


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Ugh...its too painful. First of all, the girls are annoying. the author pushes the harem too much. The story is like a combination of all harem novels possible. Cliche pops here and there. I cant continue anymore. The author needs to learn to create less annoying female characters


Cliché upon cliché Cringe First you have the overpowered sister Then an underestimated but secretly strong brother Then there's the student council introduction after which they made the mc fight someone then tried to invite him into the council Familiar enough? Yeah, irregular at magic highschool. Had the author followed that plot then it would've been better but no. He went and added a cliché rich young master obsessed with the girls around the mc. There's a trip to the wilderness and the rich young master tries to get the mc killed Familiar? Yeah, cliché xianxia plot. I dropped it at that point because it's so cringey I don't know why people likes this. Another thing is the forced bullshit. MC have superstrong hearing for kilometers apparently. Strong enough to hear everything going on inside his opponents body while fighting like the movement of muscles. But the author just pulls bullshit to cover why he can't hear the cliché rich young master scheming over the phone on the tent near them. . I'll spam this if it gets deleted.


It started fine, had a lot of cliches and was okay as a read whenever there is nothing else to read. But then the autor started to have some problems in logically developing the world, such as: the goverment can’t judge sound magicians since they’re uncommon, but every other type is fine, and: homossexuality was banned since they needed to repopulate. If the autor focused on quality, this story might have been a 4 to 4.5/5


Its really a generic japanese manga as a novel. Bland and boring MC gets a harem of the best women in the world for being boring. Full of cliches.


Author sama said dont throw rants if its not our cup of tea but what are reviews for? Hate or not they need to know what other people think right. In the couple of chapters, i continue because it started real good and i remembered some guy here replied in one of my comments too that give chance until you cant take it anymore and yes i cant take it anymore as time went by and the story progress i got annoyed by the other characters that were all acting like having some bad attitude (which you will say that it's normal but you heard of over reacting right and the cringe i felt after is too much), mainstream but in this book it got worst that it turned out annoying. the MC that acts cool and cold but he cant even stand for himself when he didn't like it he just conceded. Author sama put a lot of emphasis of other things that it shadows the MC. The tinge of romance in the air is simply to early. I only know the mc's name power rank and attitude but there's a lot of wannabe mysterious ladies around. In my opinion its cringe when i dont even feel that he's that powerful as they say and there's something going on the back already. Even though author sama keep emphasizing that he is special but i cant feel it. There's something lacking which i also dont know. You're right author sama its not my kind of tea. I dont even like tea.


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Fairly juvenile writing. I think this author has a good foundation/idea for a story, but the delivery and tone is lacking. I hope this member can review their work and possibly revise it.


not worth even for a little time[img=faceslap][img=faceslap][img=faceslap][img=faceslap][img=faceslap][img=faceslap][img=faceslap][img=faceslap][img=faceslap][img=faceslap][img=faceslap][img=faceslap][img=faceslap][img=faceslap]


Well, I did't have any expectations when I started reading this. Sure synopsis were interesting and first few chapters quickly got me hooked up but as I read through chapter after chapter I was totally confused characters were becoming dumber and dumber making ilogicall decisions plot holes were piling up to the enormous heights and then I realized it. This story was never what I thought it to be. Author had propabbly inspired himself by few popular novels and tried to recreat them at the beginning it worked quite well but when he tried to add his own thoughts he couldn't think of good way to proceed with his plot because of that it seems that characters are getting dumber, plot is forced everythings just falling apart. I apologize if I am mistaken for this but its just my opinion, also concept was quite interesting if author had some more experience or thinked it more throughtfully from the start, it wouldn't have to come to this disaster of story.


I hate how many trash cliches are in this book. Disgustang. Widgetsmith soysotsotsotsotssotsotxotsozktzlgzlydktxlystsptzotsotsptsltsptdpyzotsots


Well well. This novel is very similar to Irregular at magic high school. The difference is monsters and has a own author style. But this is pretty good novel if you are a fan of the magic genre. I really recommend you guys. Even though the genre has Slice-of-life don't be enticed by genre. Because there is no Slice-of-life or romance. If possible, please remove those tags.The main reason I can't stand is MC.


I like this better than gacha system.. thanks for writing please don’t stop. People should value original novels more some l8e this one is very good.


I like this story. It's pretty good and interesting. One thing that I don't like about this story is the harem. I don't like how girls always surround the mc. I mean it's fine, but most of the time they're annoying cuz they always rely on the mc, resulting to the mc being hurt. Well, that's what I don't like. There's none other than that; I really like the story.


For someone looking for something out of the norm, this is a great read, or at least at first. The beginning features a good plot that is unique and can be followed but after the first few chapters, it starts to get wonky with all the plot holes, unnecessary plot armor and very difficult to follow plot. The grammar also turns so bad that it makes the above stated issues several times worse