The Mafia King's First Love
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The Mafia King's First Love


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What is The Mafia King's First Love

Read The Mafia King's First Love novel written by the author enthu_reader on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Contemporary Romance stories, covering romance, comedy, r18, mystery, ceo. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Meet the Mafia King, whose fearsome reputation in the Underworld spread far and wide! But he hides behind the identity of a billionaire CEO. Money? Power? Handsome? All check! Except that he had a teensy tiny problem - his ZERO EQ that failed him to understand emotions. Until the day Song Lihua walks in his life. Song Lihua's simple aim in life was to get a job and earn money. But a chance encounter with the Mafia King makes her fall in love with him at first sight. She declares to win his heart one day. But to her shock, the Mafia King himself becomes her next door neighbor! Together with her, the emotions in deep slumber within him began to awaken. Hiding a dark secret from her, the Mafia King slowly grows closer to her. But as he faces a threat that could bring the truth to light, he does something unimaginable to stop Lihua from leaving. Amidst the hidden conspiracies of the Underworld, what will the Mafia King do to keep her by his side? How far will he go to hide his secret? "You are my first love that brought this empty shell of my heart back to life. You have a place in my heart no one else could ever have." - The Mafia King. ------ **Scene excerpt** "Boss, please tell me the source of your skills!" Lihua sobbed. "Cookbooks. Videos." "That's it? You mastered such awesome skills just by that?" "They are too easy." "If it's that easy then why am I suffering like this?" The clueless Mafia King absolutely didn't mean any harm or mockery to her self-esteem by saying the next words. "Lack of talent." "..." -------- Participating in #WSA2021. Theme - First Love. My other novels - 1. Because I simply love you 2. Crimson Instinct 3. Because I Cannot Hurt You You are all welcomed to join my discord ^^ - https://discord.gg/CbhNys444r Follow author on Insta - enthu_reader7 **Cover is not designed by me. All credit to its creator .**


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This is so fun to read! I've caught just by reading your synopsis👌💖😘 Lihua is so adorable and clumsy 🤭🤭 She somehow reminded me of my youth (not saying that I'm an old woman🤣) I can't wait to read more! I've been giggling as I read the chapters. Just imagining every scene is so comical! I love your vocabulary too💖😘💖 Can't wait to read more of Song Lihua and Fu Renshu😘💖😘


Okay so I recently came across this book in my suggestions and I randomly decided to read it but oh my god never had I expected it to be THIS AMAZING!! This story is literally the bestttt and the FL is sooooo amazing and funny that I instantly knew that she’s gonna be my favorite FL out of all other FLs! The ML on the other hand is just as amazing! Quiet but cute. I’m so glad I added this story in my library! Hope to get regular updates❤️❤️❤️💕


WARNING:- THIS NOVEL CONTAINS TOO MUCH OF SWEETNESS THAT MIGHT INSTANTLY GIVE U DIABETES AND TURN YOU INTO A DAY DREAMER😍😍😍 . Hahhha!! I resisted myself to read as much as chapters before leaving a review to state few +ves and -ves but trust me my view hasn't changed even a bit and I don't see anything negative to point out in this novel❤❤❤ Lemme just speak a Lil about ours leads; Our FL:- Lihua is love😘😘 She is clumsy, a cutiepie, very empathetic just like our girl next door❤❤❤ Our ML:- "THE MAFIA KING" MY WEI💋💘 Yaar, he is so innocent and hella cute to be called a mafia king😭 I lubbbbb this guy so so much💖💋💖💋 but he's gonna kill me if I compete with Lihua🤧 Hence, I accept defeat🤣🤣(JK) I genuinely adore this couple very much and I love both of them equally😍🌼 Lol, I'm even grinning like an idiot writing these lines. So all I'm trying to say is start reading this novel and get lost in this fluffy love tale😅💞 Let me stress another imp point, the plot also has a strong story line with great potential 😇🤗 Thankies author for this beautiful work😘


First of all, I really like the cover! 🤗 I love the atmosphere of the novel. The author was not trying to impress but the simplicity of it flawlessly made the foundation of the novel, letting the readers know about the personality of the characters and the world in the process. It appears she didn't even need to try but the results were still more than presentable. The semi-happy-go-lucky MC named Lihua was funny, keeping the readers engaged and avoiding boring stuff. I loved the awesome snippets of comedy without disrupting the trajectory of the plot. The vibes were just chilling and satisfying, you wouldn't realize that you're in the most recent published chapter. Now don't get me wrong, it wasn't boring at all! You'll know once you have read it. Although I am into mafia genres, especially since I'm watching the kdrama titled "Vincenzo" recently, I know for sure that you will fall in love with the ingenuity of this novel and the potential of how deep the worldbuilding was. The writing was seamless and the reading immersion was so smooth. The pacing or transition of the novel was wonderful as well with excellent cuts, concentrating on the interesting parts only and avoiding unnecessary or unimportant things in the process. This is what I am always checking in novels like this, the transition and cuts. The author executed it well. Kudos! Overall, it's a great read. It's worth a try reading this! Give it a chance! I hope I provided a good review without spoiling, author-nim. 🤣 Thanks for the effort making this Author. You did a splendid job. 🤗😊


i love the way the hole characters are described and the hole story is turning hot chapter wise man without emotion aka mafia king falling for a clumsy naive girl who is the sister undercover cops whom he killed...this story is incredible ..i cannot predict what will happen next which is making me impatient 😁😁


I love it I’m Supporting all the way 💜🧡❤️❤️❤️❤️🧡🧡💚💚💚💙💛🧡❤️💓💗💓💞💞💞💞💓💓💓💜💜💜❤️🧡🧡💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💜💜💜💜


Whoahh Author, Such a lovely romantic book it is, I fall in love with the ML❤️,  I got chills so many times when I am reading it, I am excited to read more chapters It completely blew my mind. It managed to surpass my high expectations. I wish you should earn alot along with massive votes and hope you should grab the loot of the Spirity... ❤️❤️❤️Wish you all the Success my Lub ❤️❤️❤️


Oh my God!!! This is such a great book. Jiang Wei is so adorable and clumsy Lihua is simply awesome. The scene with the MCs is a delight to read and not to miss, Assistant Fu. Poor man must have had a heart attack seeing his Boss's strange behavior. *grins* I can't wait to read more. Thank you author for such a great story.


The story began with a crash! The FL is a little ditzy and the ML is cold. They are a perfect match. They fell in love and are trying to woo each other in their own way. It was humorous. But that's not all... if you read more, you will then notice that there will be a little twist and mystery. I enjoyed reading this story. It was light and the humor kept me going. I love reading whatever is going on in Lihua's mind. At this moment, it was still too early to tell where the story is heading. But, the hints on the mystery are very intriguing. Keep up the good work, author!


This is such an interesting read. The narration flows perfectly making the reader unable to stop. The FL is cute and adorable and the ML is so bossy but he is adorable too. I'm interested in reading more to the story. Good luck author. ❤️


Love this story. It's written with perfectly light humor, and even when the exaggerations of brutality come, they are funny rather than scary. It's just my kind of love story. I don't say this often, so rejoice! I think I found a keeper for my library.


I'm so immersed in this book. It is my cup of tea. Just the right amount of seriousness and humor to keep it going. FL has a bright personality and hope she remains that way. This is a great book n I wish author all the best in WSA contest.


I want more. Period. This amount of chapters is not enough to keep my curiousity sated. 🤭🤭 I really like the book and how the author gets the whole situation across. I am waiting for more 🌺❤️


5/5 (ↀДↀ)✧ I really love the story! I am a fan of sweet love stories like this ヾ(*ΦωΦ)ノ I look forward to how they will fall in love in the future!!! Added to my library!!! (^・ω・^ )


i always like to read this author book. the book is telling the story with easy but intriguing story plot. this book want me to read more and more... keep up the work... love it


Yayyy I like cold and emotionless bosses yet they care someone special. Go go author and give us readers daily dose. Love the way author put all in one magic of writing


The female lead is definitely unique, ditzy but very likeable, and the male lead is reserved but nonetheless charming. I look forward to reading more about them!


oh god this novel is hilarious😂 and good try it , you won't regret. Story development is so good.❤❤💕🐱💕❤💘😘😘😘😘😘😘💘💘😍😍❤💕💕❤❤💘💘💘💘❤❤💘💘💘💘❤❤💕❤💕❤


This is actually an interesting book; not gonna lie. I had fun reading the first few chapters, and would read the next one soon~ You have flowery words that helped me realised the progression of the story! Very well-done, mate!


Man, this novel is gooood, well-written chaps, and hooking synopsis. The chemistry between the mafia king and song lihua is unlike anything else, and I can’t wait for more chapters to be posted as song and the mafia king’s relationship blooms. -mari <3


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