The Mafia Game ( Hired Gun ) Book

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The Mafia Game ( Hired Gun )


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Eighteen years old, Ava Smith Kriezer, is on the hunt for the people responsible for her parent's tragic incident that happened years ago. She is one of the young skilled fighters known in the dim, hidden, empty lots and streets of gang wars and street fights. One unfortunate night, she didn't have the choice to fight, and she decided to stay defenseless. That night, when she thought she stepped inside death's door... she opened her eyes to learn that she is the granddaughter of a multibillionaire old man that she have never seen nor heard before. Despite being unsure and curious about how possible her situation turned into, she ran away and stayed determined in her ultimate goal! ..., but every time she gets closer, and gets a lead, one of her grandfather's men, Shyn Lee, is always in the picture... helping her. Could he be the knight in shining armor to save her from her broken world? ... or the one who will shatter it more? (Parental guidance is recommended and that the novel may be unsuitable for younger children.) Image used in the cover page is @kumaqiii 's property


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