62 Uncle Bai, Who's This Pretty Lady?

While Sara was taking a bath, Bai sighed as he made her bed. He placed her pajamas in the cabinet after folding them.

She could be heard singing a song that he didn't recognize. He could not help grinning. After stretching his arms, he hurried to his room to get his phone.

Shortly after that, he returned to Sara's room and sat on the bed. His eyes stopped on Lai's message as he scrolled through his texts.

"I may be a bit late owing to an accident that happened on the road here," it stated, " If I use a different route, this may take me longer to arrive at your place because it's generating road congestion. I'll see you later."

"An accident, huh?" He turned back to his phone after gazing at the bathroom door.

To her message, he replied. He sighed as he skimmed the other texts because most of them were work-related.

Being a CEO was great but also mentally and physically demanding. He resolved not to attend to any work-related messages today except when they were urgent.

He would spend time with his niece and the woman of his dreams today, making it a memorable day for him, even though Lai was unaware of the possibility she could be his future wife.

He was excited to see her once more and introduce him to Sara. He hoped Lai would get along with his family. For their future's sake.

Sara commented, exiting the bathroom, "Sara's done bathing, uncle Bai."

She turned to face him and grinned.

"Sara's body odor smells sweet. Like candy! Anyway, I can dress myself now that I'm a big girl. You can go take a bath, uncle Bai. I'll be in the lounge when I'm done getting ready."

She took him by the hand and escorted him out of her room.

She whispered, "I love you," out of the blue as she closed the door behind him.

He gave the closed door a blank stare. He assumed she would allow him to dress her because he had always done so.

Sara seemed to want to dress herself like a big girl, though. He would let her be and step in if she didn't look decent.

He entered his room and immediately began brushing his teeth and taking a shower. He washed his dark hair. His toned chest and sculpted jawline were both covered in water.

Each drop of water that touched his skin seemed like it washed away yesterday's exhaustion; it was a wonderful feeling.

When finished, he exited while wearing a towel across his chest. After blow-drying his hair, he went to his wardrobe to choose casual attire.

He spotted Sara watching TV with Num-Num in her hands after finishing up with his hair and getting dressed.

He started preparing a chicken and mayonnaise sandwich for Sara. He questioned whether he ought to prepare one for Lai as well.

Would she enjoy a chicken and mayonnaise sandwich?

What if she claims to have eaten already? What if the sandwich he made her was disgusting? What if-

"Uncle Bai?" He was startled out of his reverie by Sara's voice, who said, "Let's go to the zoo already!"

He was startled out of his reverie by Sara's voice, who said, "Let's go to the zoo already!"

On the kitchen stool, Sara was observing her uncle prepare another sandwich.

He pushed the plate of milk and sandwich to her and said, "We can't leave just yet. Eat up."

She pouted, "Aww, why can't we leave right away? I don't have to eat now. We can eat at the zoo."

He leaned forward while chuckling at her pouting.

"We have to wait for a special person to join us."

Her head tilted in excitement.

She chimed, her eyes sparkling brightly, "Is it mummy?"

"No," he shook his head.

"Uncle Bai has a special place in his heart for this lady," he declared with a smile, "You two will get along fine, I'm sure."

"Sala iz zu chel wool lik huur vury mooch (Sara is sure she will like her very much)," Sara spoke after she took a big bite of her sandwich.

He gently finger-flicked her forehead and said, "Don't talk with your mouth full. You'll choke."

She nodded and swallowed.

"Now, what were you saying?" he asked her to clarify.

"Sara said she's sure she will like uncle Bai's girlfriend very much."

He asked in shock, "My girlfriend?"

He watched Sara nod.

"She's not my girlfriend, though."

"But uncle Bai likes her, right?"


"Like my mummy likes my daddy?"


"Then make her your girlfriend and be happy like my mummy and daddy," Sara stated, "Sara wants uncle Bai to be happy too."

He looked at her in shock at her firm remark. After a little while, he grinned at her and kissed her on the cheek.

She smirked and continued eating the rest of her sandwich quietly. He had already completed making Lai's sandwich.

He was currently enjoying a cup of coffee while seated across from Sara. Sara finished her breakfast and headed for the kitchen sink while carrying her empty glass cup and plate.

To prevent her from breaking the plate and cup and injuring herself, he abruptly stood up and seized them from her.

She grinned at him and leaned back on the kitchen stool, saying, "Thank you for the sandwich."

He grinned at her, "You're most welcome," and then asked, "Aren't you going to watch TV while we wait for my friend?"

She immediately replied, "Sara will sit with you here while we wait for your future girlfriend."

He nodded and laughed at the phrase "future girlfriend." Sara was using his phone to play a dress-up game as she waited. For her, he had downloaded the game to prevent boredom.

After twenty minutes, the gate's trigger alarm let him know someone had unlocked it.

Lai had a remote control for his front gate. He also handed her the key to open his home's front door. She was initially apprehensive about using the gate remote or knowing the password.

It was just too private was what she had told him. He had explained that everything was for work, and she afterward accepted.

But, of course, he was lying.

All he really wanted to do was effortlessly call her over and have her meet him. He and Sara turned their attention toward the door when they heard a knock.

Sara followed closely behind him as he got to his feet and moved for the door. The monitor adjacent to the door displayed a video of Lai standing outside.

She had the password to unlock the door but seldom used it. Always, she knocked. When he saw her, he grinned as he opened the door.

Lai smiled and greeted, "Good morning, Mr. Ying. My apologies for keeping you waiting."

He grinned back and said, "It is okay. Please come in."

She entered the residence. She had also dressed casually. Lai saw a small blonde girl standing shyly behind Bai when she was standing next to the couch.

Bai's legs were serving as a shield for Sara's tiny body.

Sara prodded Bai, who turned to face her, and she quietly asked, "Uncle Bai, who's this pretty lady? Is it the special one?"

Lai didn't hear her, but just smiled as she stared at the young girl and thought, 'This must be the niece he was telling me about.'

"Sara, meet aunty Lai," Bai began introducing them to each other, "Lai, this is my 3-year-old niece, Sara Adnet."

Lai stooped at the girl's level and focused her eyes on Sara.

"Greetings, Sara. I adore what you did with your hair," she complimented, "Your hair looks even more lovely with the ribbons."

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