5 Mouth Open, Head Up

"Um..." the man stared at her with a raised eyebrow, "Could I have my coffee, please?"

Lai shook her head and snapped out of her daze as she stared at the man's amber eyes.

"Oh, right. Sorry," she shook her head again and handed him his coffee.

Watching as he walked to an empty seat in the corner of the cafe, he sat down and placed a brown folder on the table. He leaned forward and grabbed his coffee.

Staring at the dark, bitter liquid, he sniffed the aroma and took a sip. After the stressful morning he had at his company, he definitely needed something bitter and strong to ease his mind.

"Look at you staring at a customer with heart eyes," Wen playfully nudged her, wiggling her eyebrows, "That's a first. Is someone in love? Oh my gosh, is this love at first sight?"

Lai playfully rolled her eyes and prepared the multiple orders she had received.

"What? Of course not! Don't be silly."

She handed the customers their orders while some were delivered to the customers by Yu and Zhou.

Ren and Teng cleaned the empty tables, packed the dishes, and washed them in the kitchen.

"Then why do your eyes keep darting in his direction?" Yu asked as he came to grab a glass of water and muffin, placing it on his tray.

"Argh! Not you too," Lai softly grumbled, then whispered to him, "Just go already!"

Yu laughed and headed to deliver a customer's order. Lai bit her lip while preparing other orders while Wen cashed them up.

Working at the counter was much more draining than one could think.

One had to be fast, meticulous, and precise in what they did, whether that involved dealing with cash or preparing a customer's order.

'I guess he does not remember me,' Lai pressed her lips together feeling a little sad, 'Not that I blame him. That was two years ago, and it's not like he was fully conscious or aware of his surroundings at the time.'

She was happy to see him alive and healthy. He looked completely different from when she first met him.

He was a handsome man that would attract the attention of both men and women.

"I must say, though," she heard Wen whisper to her, "He is very easy on the eyes. Is he a model? I feel like I've seen him somewhere, but I just can't put my finger on it."

Lai wondered where Wen had seen this man. She would not be surprised if he was famous, considering he was dressed in an expensive-looking dark blue suit and had the aura of a celebrity.

He had drenched his suit jacket on the chair next to him. He wore a white smooth, crisp shirt which was left slightly unbuttoned at the top for a more casual look.

His suit jacket looked perfectly tailored for him with its elegant windowpane pattern, which radiated elegance and class. The three buttons of his double-breasted jacket were not buttoned up when he had arrived in the café.

To him, that was the only proper way to wear it. The jacket's breast pocket contained a stylish pocket square.

He wore pants that copied the style of the suit jacket, both in color and pattern.

These were a perfect match with his stunning pair of shortwing bluchers. To top it all off, he wore a refined belt, which could be accompanied by a hat and a tie clip.

He had chosen neither when he tried out the suit in his home.

'I can't imagine how many dollars that suit cost him,' Lai thought, handing a customer a plate with two large-sized cookies.

If the man really was famous, then she definitely had no idea because she was not interested in all things celebrity or glitz and glamour.

Why was he stabbed if he was a celebrity like a famous model?

Was someone trying to kill him that night, or did he get into a dangerous altercation? A victim of theft, maybe?

An hour had passed, and the man had still not left although he was done with his coffee.

He had been casually glancing at her the entire time. He ushered for Zhou, who came to his side. She watched as the man whispered something in Zhou's ear.

Zhou nodded, causing Wen and Lai to exchange looks of confusion.

They watched Zhou approach them. He stood by the counter, stared at the man who nodded at him, and then at Lai.

"He says he wants to talk to you," Zhou told her.

"Talk to me?" she raised her eyebrow in confusion, "Why?"

"To confess his feeli- Ow!"

Lai had nudged Wen's side to prevent her from speaking further.

Zhou softly laughed and shrugged as he did not know why the man wanted to talk to his colleague.

"He said he just needs five minutes of your time," the red-haired man added.

Wen pressed her lips together and nudged Lai's side.

"Seems like someone has a bold admirer," Wen suggestively wiggled her eyebrows.

Lai crossed her arms, making an 'X' with them to tell her friend that was not the case.

"What? Get that silly idea out your head-"

Wen shushed her and pushed her to the front of the counter.

"Whatever! Go find out what he wants," she told Lai, walking back to the counter, "Zhou will take over your post till you come back. Now shoo, make it quick."

Lai sighed, thanked Zhou, and then headed to the maybe-famous-looking man.

He stood up upon seeing her and walked to the empty chair across him, pulling it out for her like a gentleman.

"Um, thanks," she said softly as she sat down, and he walked back to his seat.

She watched him sit down, and only then did she notice the beauty that was the maybe-famous man. Black hair sat atop a chiseled, handsome face.

Glinting amber eyes, set far within their sockets, observed her as she clasped her hands together. She noticed he had a birthmark on the left side of his neck.

"Since I have only five minutes," she heard him say, causing her to focus her attention on his face before her eyes could travel down his unbuttoned shirt.

He pushed the brown folder he had had earlier in her direction, ushering her to open it.

She held the folder in her arms, opened it, and pulled a white stack of paper.

"What's this?" she softly asked and paused when she read the bold letters on the top of the first page, "Wait, is this a contract!?"

He crossed his arms together, revealing his well-defined arm muscles, and nodded.

"Come work for me as my PA," he said, a smile on his face.

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