1 Holding an Unconscious Body

(A/N: When the chapter is not based on the MC, the FL, there will always be a side note on whose character the chapter's based on. The story is mostly written in 3rd person unless otherwise stated. It is also a female-lead book so the main character is the FL (in case you get confused) (⁠◕⁠ᴗ⁠◕⁠✿⁠) It's my first time writing a contemporary romance novel so I may lack in some ways and confuse you in some chapters, but please stick around (⁠๑⁠•⁠﹏⁠•⁠). I believe my writing will improve as time goes by. Thank you in adavance for your support and enjoy!)


The pain that was once sharp and burning now felt dull and distant. He had endured it for far too long and now felt like nothing more than an empty husk of who he once was.

For a moment, he thought about just giving in to the pain, letting it consume his body completely as there seemed to be no way out.

He paused for a moment and contemplated every answer to this pain, weighing each option and trying to find the best one.

He could not believe that his trusted personal assistant, who worked for him for the past three years, would betray him like this.

How could the man sell the companies secrets? How could he sell him out to his rival company?

His personal assistant had given his rival company's CEO his location, and that was how he ended up with a stab wound to the side of his chest.

Thankfully, he managed to run away. He clicked his tongue in annoyance every time he pictured his PA's face. His hand covered his side to prevent any blood from spurting out of his stab wound.

It was challenging to focus between the moments of pain and the voices yelling behind him, telling him to stop and that there was no where to run. However, he pressed onward.

The man was determined not to let the pain rushing through his body ruin his plan to escape and find a place of safety. If there was a 'place of safety' open on this cold winter's night. He limped on, which was the best solution to survive.

Brown, well-groomed hair was tied up in a high pony, revealing a woman's full, charming face. Large hazelnut eyes, set appealingly within their sockets, watchfully gazed over the remaining customers who were taking their leave.

Fair skin alluringly complimented her eyes and mouth, leaving a pleasurable memory of her heavenly luck in the beauty department.

"Please come again!" she smiled, waving the customers goodbye.

This was the face of Lai Xiulan, an employee of Ebony Chocolate Café. It was currently 6:35 PM and time for Lai to close the café as she was in charge of locking up tonight.

Her other colleagues had already left. She stretched her hands in the air and sighed. It had been a long day. She grabbed her phone from her white flower-decorated tote bag and pulled it out to request a cab home.

Once she was done, she grabbed the café keys and walked to the corner of the cafe to set the alarm system. As she was about to set it, the café's bells, which rang every time a customer entered or left the café, suddenly rang.

She bent her head, pressing her lips together to prevent a groan from escaping. She just wanted to go home already.

"Sorry, but we're clos-"

Her hazelnut eyes widened when she turned around.

"Good heavens!" she watched an unknown man clutch the side of his chest.

Suddenly, the man collapsed face flat on the floor, his body lying cold and almost lifeless on the marbled floor. Running to his side, she crouched down and turned his body so that she could see him.

"Sir?" she gently shook him, "Sir? Are you alright?"

She quickly examined his body and found the bottom, right side of his chest oozing crimson blood. She bit her lip. His now white shirt was stained with mud and blood.

Placing her index finger on his neck to detect his pulse, she sighed in relief when she noticed that he was still alive.

"Okay, sir," she wrapped her arms around his waist and tried to lift him up, "Stay with me. It'll be okay."

Lifting him up and placing him on one of the cafés beds, which her employer had in the café in the event of an employee falling sick or being injured while on duty, was a whole mission on its own.

The man was twice her body weight. She huffed and puffed after laying him on the bed. She grabbed the first aid kit and thanked the lucky stars for taking a First Aid course in high school.

"This might hurt," she told him, gently removing his blazer, "Bear with me."

She said that because part of his white shirt was glued to his stab wound because some blood had dried up. As she gently and slowly removed his shirt, his face contorted in despair. He bit his lip to prevent any groans from escaping his mouth.

"So," she said while wrapping a bandage around the man's broad, well-toned chest, "It seems you've been stabbed. Don't worry, though, as it's not fatal. At least, I think it's not based on the First Aid course I took years ago."

She said the last sentence quietly and he opened his mouth to speak, but no words came out. He just did not have the energy to speak or fully move his body.

"I've already called the ambulance," she softly spoke, "You'll be okay, sir."

Upon hearing her reassuring words and soft, soothing voice, he fell unconscious. Minutes later, he found himself staring at a white ceiling when he came to.

He tried to sit up but groaned at the pain that traveled through his body like a sudden bolt of lightning. Thankfully, the ambulance had already arrived.

"He's in here," Lai ushered the paramedics to the room.

She turned her attention to the wounded man and gave him, a complete stranger, the most genuine smile he had ever received. The paramedics carefully positioned him on the stretcher.

"I'll come with you," she told one of the paramedics, "Let me just lock up."

The paramedic nodded as he and his partner lifted the stretcher and headed for the ambulance. She quickly set the alarm and locked the café.

She sat inside the ambulance, holding the strange man's hand reassuringly. They drove to Angelwing Medical Hospital (AMH). He was rushed to the ER. She sat on the seats outside the ER, anxiously waiting.

"I hope he'll be okay," she clasped her hands over her head and bit her lip.

It was strange how she was so worried about a complete stranger. She even paid his hospital bills, which was her whole week's salary.

When she saw him enter the café, she wanted to scream because of the crimson blood that had stained his hands and coloured his white shirt.

Like most people, she was not a fan of blood, but she had to put her fear aside and help him. The doctor came out of the ER and her gaze immediately fell on him.

"Doctor," she stood in front of him, a worried expression on her face, "How is he?"

The doctor smiled and then scanned her, seeing her bloodstained clothes.

"He is alive and well, thanks to you. We moved him to another room and will monitor him till he heals. Would you like to see him?"

She shook her head 'no.' She had to go home now.

"I'm just glad he is alive," she smiled, "Thank you. I will leave him in your care and will take my leave now. I'm sure his family or guardian has been notified of the situation."

With that, she walked out of the hospital and took a cab back to the café to clean up the bloody scene.

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