79 Drunk on His Doorstep


Lai pressed her lips together as she stared at her mother, who was covered in bruises.

"Your mother suffered a head injury and broke a few ribs," the doctor continued, "In addition, she fractured a bone in her left leg. She hasn't awoken since we performed surgery on her. Fortunately, she is no longer in danger because we were able to stabilize her. We'll keep an eye on her and keep you posted if anything arises."

Lai turned to face the doctor, "Thank you, doctor."


When Bai returned to his floor, Na stood in front of him.

"Lai told me to tell you she needed to leave because of an urgent matter," she explained.

"An urgent matter?" Bai cocked his brow.

"Yeah," Na nodded, "She looked really anxious and scared."

He nodded and walked into his office. He grabbed his phone once he sat down and called her.

"The number you have dialed..."


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