115 A Temporary Stay


They walked to the cashier and paid for their items. Once done, he pushed the trolley with the plastics and cat food and walked out of the supermarket with her beside him.

When they walked to the car, a drunk man walked passed them. Opening the car boot, Bai began to place the plastics inside. He grabbed the cat food one by one, placing it inside. He then closed the boot once he was done.

They sat inside the car and drove home. When they showed Xiuling the floppy fish toy, the cat was overjoyed. It immediately started playing with you, biting and clawing at it.

"Told you he would like it," she told Bai, smiling as she watched Xiuling play in front of her in the lounge for a few seconds.


"I am glad he likes it," Bai nodded, walking past her and into the kitchen.

She followed behind and helped him put away the stuff they had bought away. 


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