The Mafia Ceo's Treasure Book

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The Mafia Ceo's Treasure


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[MATURE THEMES + SLOW BURN ROMANCE] A failed assassination attempt. A dead, possibly murdered, father. A missing mother. In the shadowy world of secrets and lies, Lai Xiulan's life takes an unexpected turn when she saves a man, Bai Ying, from the brink of death. Only to discover he's the heir to a mafia empire, a billionaire bachelor, and the CEO of a tech giant, Nero Incorporated. Reluctantly, she accepts a job as his personal assistant to rescue her family from gangsters. But little does she know, fate has already intertwined their destinies. As Lai dives deeper into her new life with all of its ups and downs, her father mysteriously vanishes, revealing a horrifying conspiracy. With a common link to the enigmatic Wuhan Guangting, Lai and Bai unravel a web of deception. In a world where danger lurks at every corner, will Lai survive this perilous journey of unearthing the truth behind her father's disappearance? Can she find love amidst the chaos, or will she risk it all to get to the bottom of the mystery? (Cover image does not belong to me. Follow Lai's thrilling romantic journey by adding the novel to your library and blessing me with your support. Happy reading!)


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