1 Chapter 1 What, No Engagement Ring?

Osa's POV

I pick my books up, looking through my lashes as they lay scattered across the hallway. The tall bodies standing above me snigger, kicking the books farther away.

Sighing, I take a deep breath before standing and exiting the school building.

The harsh wind hits me, and I walk with my head down, walking soundly down the sidewalk.

Every day was a problem for me. Every day was slow. Every day was filled with agony.

The marks on my wrists, on my thighs, are just a loud yet subtle testimony of that.

Climbing up the stairs of the broken-down house, I barely notice that the door was slightly open. I don't bother stepping in, knowing that something was up. I take a step back only to collide with a hard chest.

I gasp, turning around quickly to find a tall man, staring at me maliciously.

"The boss will be very... impressed." He grabs my wrist and I wince in pain as he pulls me alongside him.

"Wait! What's going on?" I yell, resisting but his rough hands slide against the cuts.

"Be quiet." He mutters.

"I deserve to know-" He punched me as a way to silence me but it did much more than that, I was far happier being knocked out as I seep into a world of black.

Three days I've been stuck here just staring at the moldy wall. Barely eating, barely drinking, I feel like I'm dying.

The door creaks open and I lift my eyes to find an overweight man staring at me and I look around the dirty room, coughing.

"Finally, I get to meet you beautiful." He says, his voice as disgusting as his scent. "I am Rio. Owner of this wonderful mansion and well, owner of you."

He walks towards me and I cringe as his smell becomes stronger, trying to huddle into the wall even more.

During the last time, men have come to check on me, sure, giving me a little food, a little water, but no matter how many times I asked, they wouldn't tell me why I was here.

I think by now I would know that I had been kidnapped... but why?

"I like you. You're quiet. Unlike the others." He says standing closer to me and I keep my eyes solely on the floor. "You're gonna be an amazing bride."

"B-bride?" I ask and he grins, his yellow teeth shining at me and I coil back as he reaches for my hand.

"That's right sweet cakes, I have to admit I thought they were going to bring a prettier vanilla one, but Chocolate is fine." He grabs my shirt, pulling me towards him. "I need a queen to help me power this drug empire!" He yells maniacally and I try to shrink.

"We'll get married tonight. Someone will be in to help you. I'll see you later." He plants a firm kiss on my cheek and I squeeze my eyes shut as tears threaten to fall. He drops me with a thud and I curl into the wall.

It's always me...

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