The Mafia's queen: Entangled with a psycho. Book

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The Mafia's queen: Entangled with a psycho.


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[This book contains both matured contents and matured thoughts. P.S, this author is very shameless.] Of all the things that could possibly happen to her, the least one she expected was falling in love with an overbearing, conceited, rich mafia boss.~ .... ' Becca, you will be mine, all mine and there's no where to run. You can't escape from me.' Becca Ramus, a beautiful young woman who's only wish for herself was to have a simple and easy life but it seemed her wish wasn't quite granted as she was born an illegitimate child of a rich womanizing businessman whose wife, Regina, is a cold-hearted tyrant. She left Massachusetts to New York to build her own business empire but somehow gets the attention of a dangerous mafia boss, who is hell-bent on keeping her as his woman. Leo Kane, a very good looking rich businessman, who is also a dangerous Mafia boss. He meets Becca and falls hard for her, harder than the fall the devil had when he fell from heaven. He becomes determined to get her at all cost and claim her as his woman. The question is will he succeed? " Oh, you should have known me by now Becca, I never lose." He said with a smirk while caressing her face with his hands. Hello guys, welcome to my very first novel . Please check it out and have a great time. please pardon my grammar errors. Thanks This book contains a lot of harsh abusive language and violent scenes so read at your own risk.


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