The Lycan's Sin

[MATURE CONTENT] “Are you mating with someone?” Stunned, she took a step back, widening the space between them. “ Excuse me?” “Ah…” A sigh left his lips. “ Perhaps, I need to rephrase my question. Are you f*cking someone?” She sucked in a quick breath, not knowing what to say. Anger reared itself in her head, mixing with unexpected desire. Sadly, desire was winning. He lifted an eyebrow, and in the next instant, he was already standing in front of her body. Her instincts kicked in. She took a couple steps back until her back hit the wall. The smell of chocolates and almonds rolled between them. Entranced, she thought she smelled the sweetness of the wine but it disappeared as quickly as it came. “I don’t think that is any of your business, Mr. Graydon.” she made a sound of annoyance. “Is it not?” His breath fractured, his eyes darkened with desire. “No.” Her lips quivered at her obvious denial. She mustered all the courage she could, hoping he wouldn’t smell her arousal. She knew it was for naught. His fingers lightly brushed her cheeks, then they trailed down her neck, lingering on her collarbone, the contact sent shivers down her spine. It awakened the primal need she had been wanting to hide since they met. She wanted him. No. She needed him, inside her. Her face flushed at the thought of him taking her, preferably right against these walls. “You want me,” he stated. ““As much as I want you.” Shocked by her own raw and potent yearning, she turned her head away. “I don’t…” “Shhh…” he silenced her with a finger. Then he inched closer, so close his long lashes brushed against her cheek. Her heart pounded like a drum against her chest, fast and hot in anticipation. “Now tell me little one… do I need to get rid of someone before I make you beg me to let you come?” ...... Is love worth the chaos it brings? ..... Tags: #lycans #witch #strongfemalelead #strongmalelead #norape #smut #mates #slowburn .... Check out Complete Information inside! ..... Written by: B.Mitchylle Email: bmitchylle@gmail.com Insta: @b.mitchylle Discord: MitchyMitch#3750 EDITED by: S.T. Ahikx Insta: @S.T. Ahikx I DO NOT OWN THE COVER!

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Autonomy and Protection

Working for Trillium had its own perks.

The first one was the unlimited hotel stays. Travel and hotels were always free wherever they went.

The second is definitely the money.

The government does not fund Trillium. Instead, it's funded by both witches and shifters. The agents and officers working for Trillium received a sizable salary which was almost close to useless to Ava as she had been traveling since she started working for them.

So, money wouldn't be her problem even if she stopped working for a few months.

This wasn't really one of Ava's concerns right now.

Her concern was the man sitting inside her hotel room as if he owned the place. He was enjoying a tea that she wasn't familiar with. She wondered if he brought his own tea everywhere he goes.

Matthew Graydon.

Why was he here again? She fought the urge to massage her temple to ease the throbbing. Damn, hangover!

"I didn't ask you to come inside my hotel room." She was sitting opposite him, her hands crossed against her chest. She wasn't in the mood to talk to this man. Not after what happened with Jude the other night.

"Hangover?" he smirked and crossed his long legs. The action looked smooth and elegant, yet it still commanded authority. She eyed his beige sweater. This was the first time she saw him wear something other than his suit.

And to be honest, he looked better in casual clothes.

While wearing a suit would make him more domineering, casual clothing seemed to soften his overwhelming aura.

"Bad headache," she responded. Last night, she immediately went home after that stint with Jude. However, she couldn't sleep so she drank a few more whiskey.

The result?

A devastating headache.

"I'm not in the mood to entertain you, Matthew."

"Oh, I wasn't here to be entertained. This is why… I brought my own breakfast. Go on, you can do whatever it is that you like. I can enjoy the view here while eating my fill. I— "

"What do you want?" she asked.

"Amelia. I want her found."

"So… you wanted to do the tracking spell, now? Great. Let's do it."

"Not when you are in this mood, love."

She squinted. She could sense amusement from the way he stared at her face. Was he enjoying her misery or her eyebags? Maybe both?

"Trillium fired me," she said. "So if you wanted to work with me just because of Trillium, then you should leave. I no longer have the privileges that I have. I have enemies that would kill me if they knew I was no longer working with Trillium." Trillium protected her. Now that she was suspended, she also lost all those privileges.

"That — was not a surprise." Matthew smiled.

"You already know that I— "

"Suspended love. You weren't fired, yet." He pronounced the 'yet' slowly, trying to emphasize it.

"For some reason, it doesn't surprise me that you knew about what happened."

He only responded with another smile.

"I'm taking a bath. Leave something for me," she said as she walked towards her bedroom. Today would be the last day that she stays in this suite hotel room. Since she already packed her things last night, she would just check out later and go to Gabriella's house, which was willed to Ava after her death.

Ava had avoided the place like a plague as she didn't want to be reminded of her mother's death while investigating the cases. However, she had no reason to avoid it now.

After a quick bath, she changed into another all-black clothing and had breakfast with Matthew, who was surprisingly waiting for her.

"So… tell me about your plans now. After everything that happened." Matthew asked. "Since Trillium wanted to throw you away, why not just work for me?"

She scowled at him. She didn't like the term that he used. Throwing her away? Really?

"Is it so bad? Working for me? I can give you the same perks as them."

"I wasn't working with them for the money."


"You promised you will give me everything that you have for my mother's case."


"I still want it."

"Trillium asked you to stop the investigation, no?"

She said nothing.

Yes. She is going to stop investigating those witches. But she isn't going to stop looking into her mother's murder.

It took her a long time to move on from the pain of causing her mother's death just over a year ago. The guilt, the endless nightmares that made her nights longer, the memories. There was no forgetting about it.

There was only getting used to the pain.

"What made you decide you will look into the matter?" he asked, curiosity apparent in his gaze.

"Nothing," she lied. "She's my mother. I should know what happened to her." That was a lie. The thing that made her realize was what Trillium did to Samuel.

She knew Samuel sent her here for a reason and she was going to find out what it was.

He lifted an eyebrow, then he used a napkin, dabbing it on his mouth.

"You look beautiful Ava. Even when you lie."

Yep, he could definitely sense her lies, but she didn't care. Though she cared about the weird arousal, she could feel from him. Was he in heat or something?

"What about Trillium?" he sounded curious, yet she could sense that he was enjoying this from a mile away.

What about Trillium?

The organization wouldn't allow her to leave just like that. If they knew she was investigating her mother's case, they would surely pull her out and might end up like most agents who disappeared without a single trace.

"I'll cross that bridge when I get there." Another lie. Ava knew exactly what she was going to do if they would force her to leave this place. But she didn't have to tell him her answer now.

"Fair enough. Then why not work for me?"

It looked like he was really adamant about letting her work for the Lycans. Was it because he knew she could cast magick without any chanting?

"Aside from this, I can assure you two things. First is autonomy… second is protection."

"From Trillium?" she asked.

It took a couple of seconds before he responded. He gave her an intense gaze, so intense she felt a low pulsating vibration in the air. She could sense the anger that he desperately tried to hide under those good looks.

Then he said, "From everyone, love. From everyone that would hurt you."


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