The Lycan's Sin

[MATURE CONTENT] “Are you mating with someone?” Stunned, she took a step back, widening the space between them. “ Excuse me?” “Ah…” A sigh left his lips. “ Perhaps, I need to rephrase my question. Are you f*cking someone?” She sucked in a quick breath, not knowing what to say. Anger reared itself in her head, mixing with unexpected desire. Sadly, desire was winning. He lifted an eyebrow, and in the next instant, he was already standing in front of her body. Her instincts kicked in. She took a couple steps back until her back hit the wall. The smell of chocolates and almonds rolled between them. Entranced, she thought she smelled the sweetness of the wine but it disappeared as quickly as it came. “I don’t think that is any of your business, Mr. Graydon.” she made a sound of annoyance. “Is it not?” His breath fractured, his eyes darkened with desire. “No.” Her lips quivered at her obvious denial. She mustered all the courage she could, hoping he wouldn’t smell her arousal. She knew it was for naught. His fingers lightly brushed her cheeks, then they trailed down her neck, lingering on her collarbone, the contact sent shivers down her spine. It awakened the primal need she had been wanting to hide since they met. She wanted him. No. She needed him, inside her. Her face flushed at the thought of him taking her, preferably right against these walls. “You want me,” he stated. ““As much as I want you.” Shocked by her own raw and potent yearning, she turned her head away. “I don’t…” “Shhh…” he silenced her with a finger. Then he inched closer, so close his long lashes brushed against her cheek. Her heart pounded like a drum against her chest, fast and hot in anticipation. “Now tell me little one… do I need to get rid of someone before I make you beg me to let you come?” ...... Is love worth the chaos it brings? ..... Tags: #lycans #witch #strongfemalelead #strongmalelead #norape #smut #mates #slowburn .... Check out Complete Information inside! ..... Written by: B.Mitchylle Email: bmitchylle@gmail.com Insta: @b.mitchylle Discord: MitchyMitch#3750 EDITED by: S.T. Ahikx Insta: @S.T. Ahikx I DO NOT OWN THE COVER!

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A Million Dollar Tea Cup

"Elizabeth Mckay meet Ava. Ava meet Elizabeth. She will be overseeing the preparation of the tracking spell." Matthew nodded at the black haired woman, who welcomed them back into the mansion. This was the same mansion in the wilderness.

Ava gave the woman a curt nod and tried to ignore the aggressive emotions that were emanating from the woman, even though she was attempting to hide them with a kind smile on her face. Something that Ava recognized immediately as jealousy soon followed the aggression.

Great first meeting! Ava thought inwardly.

"She's young," Liz looked at Matthew. "When you told me you found a witch, I expected a priestess. Matt, if you want the tracking spell done, we need the powerful ones."

"Young and powerful."

The woman rolled her eyes in response. Then she held her palm towards her. "Matt calls me Liz, but you can call me Elizabeth."

Ava lifted an eyebrow. Then she accepted the woman's hand. What an interesting woman, she thought before she felt electricity buzzing from the woman's hands. She eyed Elizabeth, curious, and a little irritated by the woman's childish behavior.

She let the electricity simmer against her skin for a few seconds before she brutally squeezed the woman's hand.

Elizabeth let out a surprised gasp. "You— "

"If you like Mr. Graydon… tell him." Ava snapped. "Don't show your arrogance in front of someone you just met."

"You — " Elizabeth's already pale expression turned paler. She gave a side-eye to Matthew before stomping out of the living room of the mansion.

"Tell your women not to irritate me," she hissed, and sat on the leather couch next to her. She had seen what jealous people were capable of. And she didn't like it one bit.

Though she only had one boyfriend in the past, Broody had many women who used to like him. And since Ava looked like a nerd back then, many women thought they could easily snatch Broody. And when he declined their offer, they made her the target of their hatred.

Jealous women can be very deadly.

"Elizabeth grew up with me."

"A witch and a Lycan. Interesting." Witches and Lycans cannot have a relationship.

Now, this wasn't just because of some made-up law. It was because Lycans have their own mates and witches… don't.

Of course, Lycans can have human mates. However, Lycans cannot mate with some who have magick coursing through their veins. It was just biologically impossible to have that bond with someone that could channel abilities from nature.

She had heard of Lycans, who had relationships with witches in the history of their kind. However, when a Lycan found his mate, he would end up leaving the witch. It was said that a broken heart caused by a Lycan's promise can be deadly and would make any witch lose her sanity.

"It's not what you think. Her family has been serving mine for centuries."

"Ah." He didn't need to explain. But still, she nodded in understanding. She awkwardly turned her head towards the large family portrait that was located on top of the fireplace. The living room, as big as it was, had no other things that could entertain her. It was a simple living room with a fireplace, a huge comfortable couch, high ceilings, and a large majestic chandelier.

"Elizabeth will prepare the materials." The materials that he was talking about were the crystals that she needed to do the tracking spell. After all, every magick has a cost, and it must be paid.

To activate a magick spell, one needed balance.

Some spells require crystals, while some require some sacrifices to offset everything.

"How about me?" she asked.

"You will accompany me to my study."

"Shouldn't we do something to help her? I mean… we need to find Amelia soon."

"I know she's safe," Matthew said. "For now. Whoever took her wasn't showing signs of harming her."

That explains why he is so calm, she thought inwardly. Matthew must have found a way to check the life force of someone. Usually, things like this can be done in the form of a burning candle.

The fire is the representation of life. And if the owner of the candle is tortured, the fire would show some signs of dimming.

This knowledge gave her relief. At least she was alive. But if the one who took her didn't torture her for information, then… Why did they take her in the first place?

"Shall we?" he asked.

When she didn't move, Matthew chuckled as he sat down next to her. Then his fingers skimmed the side of her neck. She flinched.

"Relax…" he said. "I am very much harmless."


"Welcome to my study. Feel free to browse through the books. I do own some unusual ones." Matthew said as he opened the door of his office. He gestured for her to go in first.

"Thanks," she awkwardly said.

"You haven't been sleeping well." He stated. She knew that he wasn't asking a question.

"Yeah." Another short answer. Thanks to this man, she hadn't been sleeping so well. Now that she had met him, the dreams about him just wouldn't stop. Her eye bags were showing, even though she was doing her best to hide them with makeup.

To lessen the tension looming around them, she walked towards a bookshelf full of hardbound books.

"Latin?" she asked.


"All of them?"

"Yes. Some of them were owned by my great-great-grandfather." Shoving his hands into his pockets, he stood next to her and marveled at the collection of books that almost reached the ceiling of the room.

"I can smell the curiosity from you, Ava. What is it?" he asked, his gaze still glued to the books.

"I want to know about Amelia and what her job was exactly."

"Ah… genetics. She had been studying werewolves, to be exact."

"Werewolves? "

"Yes. Lycans are different from werewolves. We can control our urge to shift during the full moon. They cannot."

She pursed her lips. Actually, she was aware that Lycans are way superior to werewolves. Not just in strength, but also by bloodlines. A human, if bitten by Lycans, has the chance to become a werewolf. However, a human bitten by a werewolf would just die.

She was still curious. But chose not to ask any more questions.

"What is that?" she pointed at one book on top of the shelf. From where she was, she couldn't really see the title of the book. However, she could sense a different magick emanating from it.

"A book. It was something that my grandfather bought for my grandmother. I kid you not, the book cost half a million dollars. I thought it was absurd."

She chuckled. "It is absurd."

"But it was worth it. My grandmother loved collecting books she couldn't read."

"But to spend half a million on a book?" she smiled. "I love teacups, but I wouldn't spend half a million on one."

"I would."

"Hm?" She turned to him.

"If you love teacups, I would spend half a million to buy the rarest one for you."

"I — You know I am kidding, right?" she asked.

"But I'm not."

She opened her mouth, intending to say something that would stop the awkwardness, when suddenly, Matthew inhaled a long deep breath. Then he looked towards the window. "I guess we have company."

"Who is it?"

Matthew looked annoyed as he uttered, "A human."

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