34 Turning Mia into the Dark Side 3

20 minutes ago...

"When can this end?" Eden muttered in an exhausted voice. Being down here for who knows how long, plus what he saw a few days ago, has taken a toll on him mentally.

After that day, Mia would regularly visit him, bring him food, and go as soon as she brought the food. Despite his repeated pleas for her to talk to him and tell him what had happened to her, she remained silent and wore a guilty expression.

"Damn it!" Tears dripped down his face as he clenched his teeth in anger and sorrow at the thought of what had transpired thus far. All of this would not have occurred if he had been more alarmed and cautious in protecting Mia. The party wouldn't have been captured, Mia wouldn't have fallen into that evil goblin's hands, and Rosie, the love of his life, wouldn't have...

Step Step Step

That was when the sound of footsteps echoed through the long corridor. Thinking that it was Mia who was here again to bring him food, he wiped the tears away, not wanting her to see them.

However, when the footsteps arrived at his cell, instead of Mia, he saw a cute-looking goblin with white hair and crimson-red eyes.

"Who are you?" He asked in alarm. When he saw the color of the hair, a thought of her being Mia's child flashed through his mind, but he quickly denied it, not wanting to believe it. 'It must be just a coincidence.'

Ignoring him, the goblin girl opened the door and entered. After approaching him and removing his handcuffs from the wall, she grabbed him by the hair and dragged him outside.

"Argh! Let go!" He struggled and tried to break free from the goblin girl's grip, but he was too weak to do so.

She pulled him the entire way out of the prison and through the village, and seeing a human being dragged like trash, many goblins mocked and spat on him when they strolled past him.

After being dragged around the village for about ten minutes, the goblin girl abruptly stopped, mumbled, "It's time," and dragged him back to the prison structure.

'Did she do this to humiliate me?!' Eden was pissed off, but there was nothing he could do.

However, unlike what he expected, the goblin girl didn't drag him back to the cell and let go of him when they neared the prison structure. This makes him confused, and he is even more so when he sees what happens next.

The goblin girl pulled out the dagger from the sheath on her waist and suddenly stabbed it into her shoulder!!

"AHHHHHH!!!" She screamed in pain, clutching her shoulder, and began crying profusely.

This left him so stunned and speechless that, only moments after coming out of his daze, he realized he held the dagger she had used to stab herself.

'When did she...'

"Kene!!" And it was at that moment that Mia emerged from the prison structure.


Back to the present...



Eden was startled awake, balled up, and holding his stomach with his one remaining hand after a kick hit him in the stomach.

He tried to endure the pain and process what was going on. Looking around, he noticed that he was back in his cell again, and he was not alone as three individuals stood before him. When his eyes fell on the only human out of the three individuals, a flood of memories returned.

He lost consciousness after someone gave a chop to the back of his neck while he was in the middle of trying to explain to Mia what truly happened. Before his vision completely darkened, he managed to catch a glimpse of a young boy with white hair and red eyes staring at him icily out of the corner of his eye.

'Was that Mia's child as well? But she has already given birth to a half-monster; she should be under the curse, so that should not be possible. Perhaps they were twins?'


However, before he could think much of it, another kick struck him in the face, causing a few of his teeth to fly out of his mouth.

"Garw, Garw, Garw!" (How dare you try to harm my daughter!?) Leo roared in rage and threw another punch at the boy's face.

"Stop!" Mia grabbed Leo's arm; although she was mad that Eden had injured Kene, that didn't mean she wanted him to die.

"Garw Garw Garw" (Are you telling me to stop? He could have killed Kene!) He shouted in anger.

"But…" Mia didn't know what to say; she could not refute what the goblin had said. In the end, she could only beg him to not kill him. "Please don't do this."

When she said this, Leo took a step back. She was about to exhale in relief, thinking the goblin had spared him when the goblin threw a dagger that landed close to her feet.

"Garw Garw Garw" (You're right. I ought not to do this. This is, first and foremost, your fault. You begged me to give this boy a chance at life, and now look at what happened. He somehow escaped and harmed Kene.) Leo paused and pointed at the dagger on the ground. "Garw Garw Garw" (Since this is your fault, you should be the one to end him, so pick up that fucking dagger.)

"W-what" Mia stepped away from the dagger, her face turning pale. "I ca—"

"Mommy? He hurt me! Are you not going to do it for me?" Kene cried in tears, showing her bloody shoulder to her mother. She wore a very painful expression, showing that she was suffering a lot.

"I didn't hu—-"


Eden didn't understand the goblin language, so he had difficulty comprehending what they were talking about. Even so, when he heard Kene mention that he had hurt her, he wanted to refute her. However, Leo quickly struck him in the face, making him unconscious.

"Garw Garw" (Even Kene wants you to kill him. So do it!) Leo grabbed the unconscious boy by the neck and threw him toward Mia.

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