33 Turning Mia into the Dark Side 2

(Changes Mia's age to 18 since you know….)


Leo spent the following few days making improvements to the village. He began by repairing the wooden walls that surrounded the village. The wall had numerous breaches in it, which were the result of both bad construction and poor upkeep. With the goblins working day and night, the previous wall was soon demolished and replaced.

Second, he gives the goblins instructions to rebuild their huts, and some of them are also asked to repair the former leader's hut, which he will now occupy. However, the goblins had trouble understanding the instructions given when building the hut; therefore, the process of rebuilding and building them took a while. Considering that they are among the stupidest creatures, this seems logical.

Lastly, he taught farming to the goblins, who, up until this point, had no concept of anything related to agriculture. Since Leo didn't think this much land was needed for a training ground, some of it was utilized for farming. As a result, the tribe will have a much more reliable source of food other than hunting, as goblins occasionally cannot even find anything to hunt all day.

There were also minor problems in the village that Leo quickly fixed. With the village now becoming better than ever, he focused his attention on the plan he had to deal with Eden. And in this plan, he will need the help of someone very precious to Mia.

"Garw Garw" (Hey Kene I need your help) Leo called out to Kene, who was seated at a table, chewing something. They are in the recently constructed hut, which is illuminated by torches that are suspended from the walls. The hut is not bad for it to have been made by the goblins, though it took quite a while.

"Yesh dadde?" Kene replied while still having food in her mouth. In both of her hands were rabbit legs and there were meat chunks all over her face.


'Why is she always eating? Wouldn't she get fat?' Leo thought about it but decided to put it aside.

"Garw Garw Garw" (You see, your mother is suffering from a problem, and your help is needed.) Leo said it with "sadness.".


"Ehhh?!! Something is wrong with Mommy!? I will do anything to help!" Kene stands up with a determined expression.

Hearing her say this, a smirk came across Leo's face, but he quickly hid it.

"Garw, Garw, Garw!" (What a good child! I raised you well.) He patted her on the head, which she happily accepted.

"So what problem does mommy have?" She asked with worry, thinking that it was something very bad.

"Garw Garw" (Your mother is too kind and soft-hearted). He sighed.

"Huh? But isn't that a good thing, Daddy?" She tilted her head sideways, confused as to why this was a problem.

"Garw Garw Garw" (Tsk, tsk, that's where you are wrong. I bet it was your mother who told you that it was a good thing to be kind, right?)

She nodded her head and said, "Yeah! Mommy says to always be kind to others; is that wrong?"

He shook his head, seemingly disappointed, and gave her a serious look. "Garw, Garw, Garw." (Listen, maybe you should be kind to your family. But for others? Give them the middle finger, and they can go fuck themselves! Be cruel, ruthless, and wicked, and make them suffer. What? Do you want something that others have? Take it from them! Do you hate someone? Just kill them!"

"Ooooh!" Kene's mouth opened wide. 'So mommy was wrong the whole time!'

"Garw Garw Garw" (Don't listen to your mother; she is stupid and is going down the wrong path. This is why we need to fix her. Do you understand?) Leo said it with the utmost seriousness, but on the inside, he was snickering. 'Heh, this is going to be fun.'

"Yeah! We have to fix Mommy! So, Daddy, what am I supposed to do?" Eager to help her mother, Kene asked, a fire blazing in her eyes.

At night…

Walking down the long and now lit-up corridor, Mia held a hot bowl of rabbit soup in her hand and slowly made her way toward a certain cell.

'Thankfully, the goblin let me feed him, but still..." Even though she was happy that Eden would be fed, she couldn't help but feel a little upset because the goblin forbade them from having any sort of communication with each other when she brought him the food.

Reaching the cell, she looked over to see what he was up to, only to be stunned. Inside the cell, Eden is nowhere to be seen.

'Where did he go? Did he somehow escape? If he did, then that would be good'. Mia mused, seeing the sudden disappearance of her cousin.


She was lost in thought when she heard someone very precious cry in agony. "Kene!" she exclaimed.


Mia released her hold on the bowel, causing it to fall to the ground and spill the steaming rabbit soup, and she hurried toward the entrance.

When she emerged from the prison building, she was shocked to find Kene sobbing and wailing while holding onto her heavily injured arm. Eden stood before her, a dagger covered in blood, his facial expression both puzzled and confused.

As a mother, she was able to feel her wrath surface as she witnessed her children getting injured.

"What are you doing!" She shouted angrily at Eden, rushed over to Kene, and moved in front of her to protect her from Eden.

"M-Mia?" Eden stuttered, a chill running down his spine, seeing the murderous gaze she was sending at him. He had never seen her this angry before. But why is she sending that gaze at him and protecting the goblin?

"Mommy, sniff, it hurts." Kene cried as she had a pained expression.

"What…mommy?" Hearing what the goblin girl just said, Eden was thunderstruck. "S-She's your daughter?"

"Yes," Mia confirmed without hesitation and stared dagger at him. "Don't hurt her!"

His mind was in chaos after hearing her confirmation, but he first had to make it clear that he didn't even hurt the girl! She drove the dagger into her shoulder herself! He did nothing!

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