39 The Battle

Placing his hand on the forehead of the rabbit, Leo used the skill [Enslave], which had been unlocked after he had awakened mana, on it.


[You have used the skill [Enslave] on Princess Horned Rabbit.]


[Princess Horned Rabbit had been successfully enslaved!]

Leo managed to successfully enslave the pink bunny because his magic stats were five times more than the rabbit's. His reasoning for doing this is so that he can quickly put an end to the rabbit should it ever decide to rebel or become unruly.


"Garw Garw" (Hey, cook this rabbit some food; it seems to be feeling hungry.) It appears that he was able to comprehend what it was saying once she had been enslaved.



A bowl of chopped-up carrots is placed in front of the pink rabbit. Not wasting any time, the rabbit begins to gobble down the carrots.

"Look! She is so cute when eating!" Kene smiled sweetly, poking the rabbit's cheeks as it munched down pieces of carrot.


Seemingly dissatisfied about being poked in the cheek by the gobbling girl while she was eating, the rabbit let out a cute rawr, indicating for her to stop.

"Ah sorry!"

With her not poking her cheeks anymore, the cute little rabbit resumed eating her meal while the group watched silently. Kene and Noah had come back a while ago upon hearing the news that the egg they had been caring for had hatched. Now they are in a crouched position, surrounding the pink rabbit and observing it.

As they observed the rabbit, Mia brought up the question, "What should we name her?"

"How about Rena?"

"Tsk, tsk, brother, Rena is not a good name for her; she should be named Cherry!"

"Garw Garw" (Nah, let's name her, Luna.)

"Husband, I think Alice is a better name."

"Hm? Did you guys hear that?"

While the family group argues and contemplates what to name the small pink rabbit, the warning horn of the village is blown, alerting everyone to the presence of enemies.

"Garw Garw" (Shit! There are enemies!) Leo reached for his hammer axe and rushed out of his hut and toward the front gate.


The others didn't stand idle as they grabbed their weapons and equipment and quickly followed behind Leo.


The pink rabbit, not wanting to be left behind, leaped onto Noah's head and lay there. She then started tugging at his hair, as though to get him to move.

"Hey…sigh, never mind." When Noah saw this, his expression became troubled. Though he wanted to tell it to come down, he chose to let it remain atop his head due to the emergency right now and proceed with his mother and sister toward the front gate.


Seeing this scene, Kene and Mia begin to giggle and try to suppress their laughter.

As Leo and the others arrived at the village's front gate, they noticed goblins swarming the area with weapons in hand, several of them encircling a spot and peering down at something.

"Garw Garw" (Chief here!) When No. 1 saw his chief arrive, he shouted and cleared the path so he could pass. Leo had designated this goblin as the sub-leader at one point, and he was eventually dubbed No. 1.

As soon as they hear No. 1 shout, every goblin in the area stands aside to make room for their chief to advance.

"Garw Garw" (What happened?) Leo said sharply as he reached the area where the goblins were encircling. He noticed a bloodied goblin on the ground, losing one arm and breathing heavily.

"Garw…Garw!!" (Chief, Human Group!) The bloody goblin answered in pain.

Moving his gaze from the goblin, he noticed a trail of blood droplets that extended from the goblin's location to the front gate and beyond.

"Garw Garw" (Where are the humans?) Leo said it in a solemn tone, feeling that something was off about this. 'I swear if this goblin...'

"Garw…Garw Garw!!" (Forest!… group died! ran here!)


"G-garw?" (C-chief?) The goblin shuddered at the lethal, enraged look his chief was giving him. In his mind, he tried to figure out why his chief was staring at him. He believed he had done nothing wrong!

"Garw… Garw!" (This… Idiot!!) He swung his hammer axe angrily, decapitating the stunned goblin. When the surrounding goblins saw this, they all whimpered and fell to their knees in terror.

"Garw Garw" (Rule. 3: Never return to your tribe immediately after you escape from something/someone.) Leo stated one of the rules that all of them must follow.

"Garw Garw" (Were you guys deaf when I stated this rule!?) He shouted angrily and stomped on the decapitated goblin's head, crushing it into chunks of meat.

"Ooooo, Daddy is mad," Kene whispered to her brother and Mommy. "But why is Daddy mad?"

"Sis, a mere goblin is not likely to be able to flee from a bunch of humans. With that kind of injury, he wouldn't be able to go very far, and the humans could easily catch up to him even if he managed to somehow escape. This could only mean they had let him go on purpose." Noah clarified for his mother and sister, who were equally clueless.

"But why will they do that?" Mia asked.

"To use him to expose our location," Noah said with a grave expression.


The moment after Noah said this, a portion of the wooden wall was blasted apart, and a loud bang echoed through the air.

When the dust settled, five individuals, all carrying longswords and wearing knight armor that covered their entire bodies except their faces, were seen.

The guy in the middle of the group, Len, who had been given the task of finding the missing mage girl, looked across the field before his eyes grew wide as they focused on a specific individual.

"We have found her." He said this to the other four and pointed to Mia, who arched her brows at recognizing his face.

"Something feels off about this," The group's black-haired woman remarked as she observed Mia contentedly and fearlessly standing next to the goblin.

"It doesn't matter; our job is to just bring her back to the guild, and the rest is none of our business," one of the other men said.

"What should we do if she resists?" The blond-haired girl asked.

"Just knock her out," Len responded, advancing toward the goblins and the goblin chief as his first evolution aura, which he had been suppressing, burst forth.

"Let's deal with this quickly."


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