The Lustful Goblin

The story follows Leo, an average human reborn as a goblin in a fantasy world after a tragic accident that claimed his life. Leo tried his best to survive in this unfamiliar world where dangers and powerful beings resided. At first, his goal was to stay alive, but as he grew stronger and more powerful, he began the journey to conquer the world. In his journey, he will conquer women and make them give birth to his children, raising a mighty army to destroy anyone in his path.  Tag: No Ntr and Yuri Update: (2-3 chapters a week) (Warning: Contain R*pe) (Cover is Ai)

KayIsBored_1 · Fantasy
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55 Chs

The Battle 4


The body of the swordsman collapsed to the floor. His hair was all burned away, his face had become black charcoal, and the iron armor that covered his entire body was melted into a liquid form.

"Y-you… bas—-" Even after receiving a full burst of flame, the swordsman was strangely still alive, but Leo promptly crushed his head, ending his life.


[Level 14 Swordsman Killed]

[Calculating Exp…]

[Princess Horned Rabbit + 1400 exp]

[Level up! (4) 1 > 5]

[Level 5: 0/600]

[Leo + 9100 exp]

[Level 11: 11470/30000] (He has killed monsters during the several days that have passed.)


Leo coughed out a mouthful of blood as blood gushed out from the X-cross wound on his back.

"Damn it," Len cursed, frustrated that he was unable to prevent the goblin from murdering his comrade. Knowing that he couldn't get there in time, he utilized [Water Cross] once again after he was able to move. However, even after the X-cross arc slashed the goblin in the back, it still didn't stop the goblin from finishing off the black-haired swordsman.

'No, don't be frustrated.' He shakes his head and calms his breathing. 'The goblin is now injured; I will quickly finish him.'

Thinking this, he stamped his feet and prepared to charge the goblin when, all of a sudden, a woman's cries could be heard.


Turning his head toward the cry, his expression dropped as he saw two lifeless bodies of his companions on the ground next to a lone white-haired boy with red eyes whose face remained emotionless even though his shoulder had a deep cut. The black-haired girl, although alive, was held immobile by multiple goblins as some began stripping her.

Len didn't expect this. One must be aware that they have easily vanquished goblin tribes in the past with just the five of them. So what's going on at the moment? Are they doing something different compared to what they have done in the past?

No. It's not that they did anything wrong; rather, this Goblin tribe is unlike any other that they have encountered thus far… not in a good way. First, from the fact that they are somehow able to make a human work for them. Second, those half-monsters who command the goblins were able to get the goblins to cooperate. Lastly, this goblin chief is far too cunning and skilled in combat. Even though goblins became more intelligent as they evolved, their IQ is still somewhat lower than that of an adult human. They are not skilled fighters, and they rely too much on their abilities. Considering everything, this goblin tribe is far superior to other tribes in terms of both strength and intelligence.

"LEN!!" The woman with black hair cried out in fear and panic, but she was left speechless and let out a dejected cry as he disregarded her and went straight for the goblin chief.

'Sometimes sacrifice must be made.' The young master had given him a mission to complete, which was far more urgent for him than saving the women's lives. Killing the goblin chief will surely lower morale, and he will use this as an opportunity to take the white-haired mage girl in silence.


He approached behind the goblin and swung his blade horizontally in the direction of the monster's neck.

'It ov—hm?' He noticed something strange out of the corner of his eye as the goblin x-cross wound on his back began to heal rapidly. Not only that, but the goblin's other wounds are also starting to heal along with this one.

"T-this!" His eyes widened in alarm at this sight.


A green-skinned fist struck his left cheek, sending him flying to the left and then crashing to the ground.

"Garw Garw" (this potion sure is good) Leo smirked as he shattered the now-empty potion bottle.

'It's good that this guy has more than one potion' He thought, glancing at the charcoaled body of the dead swordsman.

"Ugh," Len groaned in pain and cursed the other swordsmen inwardly, despite how ridiculous it was to blame him for having another healing potion that was there in case of emergency.

'Tsk, the situation now is unfavorable for me to think I will fail a mission one day. I should retreat for now.

Despite his failure today, he managed to locate the missing mage girl and get quite a bit of crucial information. This ought to lessen the penalty he will receive for not completing the mission.


Thinking so, he charged toward the front gates at full speed and cast [Water wall], preventing the goblins from chasing after him.

"Garw Garw!!" (Don't let him escape!) Leo exclaimed, blasting apart the water wall with his fist as he pursued the swordsman. Without a doubt, the swordsmen report to the guild and reveal their whereabouts! He can't let this happen!


The goblins nearest to the front gate attempted to stop the swordsmen from fleeing, but he quickly and easily eliminated them.

'He is going faster' Feeling frustrated, Leo snapped his tongue. After employing the breathing method and using both his skills [Haste] and [Silent Dash], he's drained and won't be able to catch up to him.

In the end, he could only watch as the swordsmen left the village and got farther and farther away.


"I didn't think we would need to use our second house so soon." Knowing that the swordsmen will reveal their location, this spot will no longer be safe. Fortunately, there is still their cave, which they previously used.

'Let's see how many goblins are lef—'


[Level 15 swordsman killed]

[Calculating Exp…]

[Leo + 4300 exp]

[Level 11: 15770/30000]

[Aaron + 15700 exp]

[Level 19: 275680/1100000]


Step Step Step

Leo moved his gaze in the direction of the gate, where he heard the distant footsteps.

"Hello, fellows! This must be our first meeting, I assume. Will you care to allow me to have a drink with you all?" The man smiled, his torso hidden by a cloak of a brownish hue. With his bright, upbeat aura, he gave off the impression of a kind and friendly person, but the swordsman's head, which he was holding by the hair in his palm, says the opposite.