2 Status window

Two weeks later….

In this world, every living being has a status window that displays their level, age, class, stats, titles, talent, and skills. Every living existence starts at level one. In the beginning, with each level up, the average being will have each of their stats increase by one and gain 2 stat points, used to raise the stats they want. This could vary depending on their talent. For every 10 levels, the stat increase for each level up will increase by 4 times, will gain 3 times the stat points from before, and stats will gain a major increase. One's talent affects how much one benefits from this.

Right now, Leo is trying to tell Mia to display her status window to him by opening his own and pointing to it, then pointing back at her.

One could see someone's status window if they allowed it. However, this was rarely done, as this could expose one's weakness to others.

"Garw Garw. Garw " (Show me it. Like this)


Name: Leo

Race: Goblin

Gender: Male

Age: 4 months old

Talent: Common

Class: Goblin Minion (Every 10th level, one class will evolve, and their stats will gain a boost.)

Affinity: none (Have not awaken Magic)

Level: 4

Exp: 40/500 (For every 9th level, the amount of exp needed will be multiplied by 10).

Health: 700/700

Mana: 0/0

Strength: 9 (average Level 1 Goblin strength: 1)

Agility: 6 (average Level 1 Goblin agility: 2)

Durability: 6 (average Level 1 Goblin durability: 1)

Vitality: 7 (average level 1 Goblin durability: 1)

Magic: 0 (average level 1 Goblin Magic: 0) Note: No stat points can be added to this stat.

Stat points: 0 (6 stat points already used)

Skills: (When a skill reaches level 10, it will evolve.)

Active Skills:

[Clear vision: Level 2

Able to see clearly in situations that block one's vision.

Vision: 10 meters]

[Inspect: Level 4

Allow users to analyze objects.

Only the name and a little description of the object be shown.]

Passive Skills:

[Beginner alchemy: level 5

Allow users to combine and blend ingredients to produce different substances.

+5% effect of the final product.]

[Beginner mining technique: level 9

When the technique is used, the user's stamina and mining speed will gain a boost.

+9% mining speed

+4% stamina



[Miner: Bro is obsessed with mining. He mined for two days straight!

+1 strength stat]

[Lustful: He can't keep his pants up. A fucking pervert. +2% stamina]


During the two weeks, Leo constantly forced himself on her every day, and shortly she became pregnant. Countless times she attempts to break free and escape from this hell only to fail every time. She ultimately gave up understanding she couldn't do anything and let the goblin do whatever he wanted to her.


Mia understood what the goblin was applying and obediently displayed her stats window to him, as she didn't want to experience that torture again when she annoyed him that one time. She couldn't believe that position was even possible, and how the goblin could continue for hours non stop.

Just remembering it made her blush from embarrassment and her body to feel hot.

'Why am I feeling hot… hah hah'

Although she didn't want to admit it, she actually secretly started to enjoy it and felt pleasure from all of it. Her body is already starting to crave for Leo, it was only a matter of time before her mind did so as well.

'Why is she like that?'

Leo, seeing her fidgeting around with a blushed face, got confused. He was merely asking her to show her status window, there was no reason for her to blush.


Name: Mia

Race: Human

Gender: Female

Age: 18

Talent: Common

Affinity: Ice

Class: Beginner Ice Mage

Level: 6

Exp: 210/700

Health: 1020/1020

Mana: 1700/1700

Strength: 7 (average level 1 human strength: 4).

Agility: 11 (average level 1 human agility: 4).

Durability: 11 (average level 1 human durability: 5).

Vitality: 10 (average level 1 human vitality: 5).

Magic: 17 (average level 1 human magic: 3).

Stat points: 0

Active Skills:

[Ice dome: level 3

create an ice dome that surrounds a radius of 1.3 meters that protects the user from harm.

Mana cost:400


[Ice shards: level 2

The user hurls a chuck of ice toward the target.

Mana cost: 200


Passive Skills:

[Weak mana regeneration: level 4

regenerate 40 mana per minute]


[Mother of goblin children:

Being a human but pregnant with a goblin baby!?!?

+2% health]


Feels pleasure from being raped by a goblin!?

+1% stamina]


Mai's strength stat was never touched upon as being a mage; she will primarily invest almost all the stat points in magic. Some to agility in case she ever needed to flee, and some to durability to not easily get hurt.

If she had been able to use her magic, Leo would have already died. That was why it was essential for Leo to prevent her from being able to use mana.

[Weak Manablock Powder:

Prevent the flow of mana in someone's body for 5 hours.

Only work on those below level 10]

When Leo reached the titles in the status window and saw what titles she had, he laughed. 'To think that this was a title that could be given to someone.'

Mia, wondering why the goblin was laughing, glanced at the status window. She skimmed through her stats when her eyes fell on a certain title.



Feels pleasure from being raped by a goblin!?!]

"This...This is not true."

She tried to deny it, but when Leo twisted one of her mountain peaks, she couldn't help but let out a moan and feel something wet coming out from her lower part.

When she came back to her senses, she blushed from humiliation and shame.

"I want to die."

Seeing her like this, Leo stopped laughing and started patting her head. He then showed her his status window.

"Garw Garw Garw" (it's not a big deal, you know, look)


She looked up with tears in her eyes to see the goblin glancing at her while pointing toward his title.


Can't keep his pants up. A fucking pervert]


"It fits you well." She chuckled at seeing his title. She knew how true this was from how crazy the goblin does it every day.


"Garw garw" (oh, it seems like somebody is hungry).


Mia, embarrassed by the sound her stomach just made, slightly lowered her head and mumbled. Being pregnant has made her have a larger appetite. It also affected her body as her two mountains have gotten bigger, and they even produce milk now.

Coming back with a bowl of fruits, Leo feeds it to the hungry girl. She silently eats them without making a fuss.

Munch munch

Silent shortly fills the cave, with only a munching sound being heard.

Approximately 5 minutes later, the silence broke as Mia said something to the goblin.

"You are a strange goblin. You are a lot more intelligent than the average goblin and seem to understand human language."


"You also know how to do things that normally goblin shouldn't have known how to…."

As she continues to speak about how weird he is, Leo remains silent. She is right; he is different; he was once a human. However, the memory of his past life is slowly fading away little by little each day, and much of the humanity he once had has already disappeared.

In his previous life, he would have never done such an immoral thing or even considered it, but not anymore. His mind was gradually changing and turning into the way goblins think.

Mai, noticing the goblin not responding, became silent and let the goblin feed her. It was rather embarrassing being fed like a child, but there was nothing she could do about it.

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