The Lustful Goblin

The story follows Leo, an average human reborn as a goblin in a fantasy world after a tragic accident that claimed his life. Leo tried his best to survive in this unfamiliar world where dangers and powerful beings resided. At first, his goal was to stay alive, but as he grew stronger and more powerful, he began the journey to conquer the world. In his journey, he will conquer women and make them give birth to his children, raising a mighty army to destroy anyone in his path.  Tag: No Ntr and Yuri Update: (2-3 chapters a week) (Warning: Contain R*pe) (Cover is Ai)

KayIsBored_1 · Fantasy
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55 Chs

Mia shreds tears of joy

"Daddy Welco—-Eh? Who are you?!" Kene's smile instantly froze when she saw an unfamiliar-looking goblin instead of her daddy. She stepped back and pulled out a dagger. 


Hearing the commotion, Mia rushed to the entrance. "What happ—" 


She was to ask what happened when her eyes traveled to the goblin standing at the entrance and froze in place. "Who…" 




"Hey, stay back!" Kene shouted and moved in front of her mommy when she saw the goblin take a step forward.




"Huh!" Kene's eyes widened in shock as the goblin instantly appeared in front of her. She quickly came back to her senses and swung the dagger in her hand at the goblin. However, the goblin effortlessly stopped it by grabbing her wrist. Just when she was about to attack once more, the goblin spoke. 


"Garw Garw Garw" (Calm down; why are you attacking your dad?) Leo flicked his finger at her forehead. 


"Ow!" She holds her forehand in pain. "Is that really you, Dad?"


"Garw Garw" (Of course it is me; who else will it be?) he said, crossing his arm.


"You may be impersonating my dad! Tell me something that Daddy will know!" Kene stands her ground, still feeling suspicious about this unfamiliar-looking goblin. 


"Garw Garw'' (Girl, if that is what you want, then so be it. Some days ago, you peed your pa—" Before Leo could finish, Kene covered his mouth. 


"Don't say that, Daddy; it is embarrassing!" she said, as her face flushed with embarrassment and shame. 


"Garw Garw Garw" (Heh, you were the one that told me to tell you something, I will know) Leo smirked.


"You could have said something else," she pouted. 


Letting out a sigh, Mia was relieved to realize that it was the perverted goblin, but she was still perplexed by the sudden transformation. She wondered how this was even possible. 


"You look so different," Mia said, and she started circling him, examining his body. "You've even grown taller. How did this happen?"


"Garw Garw Garw" (I will tell you what happened later, but do I look so different that you guys can't even recognize me?) Leo asked, feeling that although evolution has changed his body, he believes it shouldn't have made his facial appearance look too different. 


"Mhm, You look very different, Daddy."




"Yeah, you look scarier and uglier," Mia blurted out. She soon realized what she had said and quickly covered her mouth, as she knew she had screwed up.


"Garw Garw" (Hm? You seem to have grown bolder and think it's okay to insult me now. I see how it is.) Although he knew that he was fucking hideous, he still feels kind of offended hearing others call him ugly. 'This girl needs some punishment. How could she call me ugly' 


"I-I didn't mean to say that." Mia begins to back away in fear. 'He is mad, but I didn't lie though; he really has become uglier'




"Garw Garw Garw" (Kene, you will prepare the dinner for us and Noah; I need to talk with your mommy), Leo said, and Princess carried Mia and walked away. 


Mia's lip twitched; she knew what the perverted goblin would do would be nothing related to talking. 




After Leo had a  'talk'  with Mia, whose butt is now swollen, they went to have dinner, where he recounted what had happened to Mia and his two children. 


They display a wide range of emotions throughout his account of events, from worry at how he got caught by a goblin leader to shock at learning about the match and his evolution to amusement at hearing that he had betrayed the goblins. 


"Garw Garw" (That is pretty much what happened.) Leo concluded, finishing recounting the crazy event that happened, and picked up a roast rabbit leg and began devouring it. 


"Sigh You are ruthless to think you will just betray them like that." Mia sighed; she didn't know how to feel about the things this perverted goblin did.



"Garw Garw Garw" (Betrayal? I don't think so. In the first place, I didn't even want to join the tribe. I was forced into joining. It is their fault for being idiots and thinking that I will help them.) He said. Even if it is betrayal, he could care less. 


"I guess that makes sense…" 


"So, Daddy, are you the leader of that place now?" Kene asked. 


"Garw Garw" (right, and I am planning to go back there tomorrow and bring you all too. That will be our new home.) 


"Wait, you will bring me?" Mia asked with shock. Ever since the day she was captured, she has not seen the outside world. She thought she would be staying here forever. 


"Garw Garw" (Well, no shit, I will bring you too. Why will I leave you here?) Leo looked at Mia as if she were some sort of idiot.

'So I can see the sun again?… Why do I feel like crying? Sniff' She shed tears of joy, thrilled about going out.


"Eh, Mommy, are you crying? What's wrong?" Knee asked with concern. 


"No, I am okay; just some dust has gotten into my eyes," Mia said, wiping off the tears. 


"So are we abandoning this place?" Noah entered the conversation. After several days of healing, the injuries that he suffered from the beast-rabbit battle have almost all recovered. Give him a day or so, and he will be in full shape. 


"Garw Garw '' (Not quite; this will be a sort of second home just in case the village were to be destroyed.) It is never bad to prepare for the worst-case scenario. 



The next day...


A girl with snow-white hair and pale white skin is bathed in sunlight from the three suns. The light that shines upon her makes it look as if she is glowing.

Closing her eyes, she spread her arm wide and breathed in. 




"Oh, how I missed the outside," Mia muttered, feeling the summer heat and the humid wind breeze past her, hearing the sound of birds chirping and leaves being blown by the wind, and...


"Garw Garw" (Oi, we don't have time to waste; we have to get going; you can enjoy the scene later.) Leo complained, seeing her standing there with her arm spread wide. 


"Ah okay!" Holding her staff, she ran and quickly caught up with the group. From time to time, she looks left and right, observing the environment. 


'This forest looks just like how I remembered it.' She smiled, looking at the forest filled with lush trees and bushes. 


"Brother, let me carry the egg. Your injuries are still not fully healed." Kene proposed, observing Noah as he carried a sizable bag containing the massive egg that they discovered in the horned rabbit's home.  


"It's fine; the egg is not that heavy." Noah refused her help and continued walking. Due to his injuries, he hadn't used his body or sword very much, so he had to work his body to get back to his peak condition.


As they walked through the forest, they didn't encounter any monsters, as Leo utilized his aura to keep them away. No monster will be stupid enough to get close to them when there is an evolved monster unless they court death.


They arrived at the goblin village after an hour and a half of travel. From the weapons and dried blood that littered the front gate's plain field, they could tell that a battle had just taken place not too long ago.  


Leo glanced at the battlefield with a surprised look. 'I didn't have much expectation for these goblins to do a good job at cleaning the place, but they actually did a somewhat decent job.' 


"Garw Garw" (Alright, follow me)