316 Chapter 321 Unique

Timothy Greene looked at Wendy Johnson's scarred face, swallowed the latter words back, and changed his mouth to say, "You are the one who almost lost the identity of Randall painter."

Wendy Johnson was trying to save Manman, and this face was injured and scarred.

When the car was about to explode, Wendy Johnson dragged the tendrils out regardless of life and death.

Now Manman's heart is transplanted to Wendy Johnson.

So, anyone can doubt Wendy Johnson, he can't!

Moreover, it is not very good for Juliana Lewis to say such words, and it is very hateful.

Wendy Johnson bowed his head and smiled gently: "She didn't say anything wrong. What are you angry with her? As for engagement, it is only a temporary measure. In the future, Brother Ting Shen has someone he likes, so it is good for us to break off the engagement."

Timothy Greene was relieved to see her so gentle and considerate.


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