The Lucky Wife Reborn In the 90s Era Has A Spatial Ability

# endoftheyear Ji Yuanyuan was the type of person who would ruin a nicely dealt hand. She could have led a carefree life under her family and ex-husband’s protection. Alas, for the sake of a scum named Zhao Tianhua, she caused her mother to die an aggrieved death, her eldest brother to die in a foreign land, and her second brother to be run over by a car and had his head disembodied. She herself even died from childbirth in a shabby house at the countryside, and her baby was strangled to death by Zhao Tianhua. It was right before her death that she learned that her quiet ex-husband almost went mad searching for her. Ji Yuanyuan was reborn back into the 90s era with extreme luck and a mysterious spatial ability. Since then, Ji Yuanyuan would find money on the ground, boars would run into trees on their own if she was lost in the wild, and her investments would all be successful… When the b*stard scum, Zhao Tianhua approached her again, Ji Yuanyuan kicked him away and latched onto her ex-husband’s leg instead. “Sir, please protect me.”

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Chapter 12, His Savior

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The boy was still talking when Ji Yuanyuan was completely stunned when he heard the name.

Mu Cheng? This boy's name was Mu Cheng?

No wonder, no wonder, she felt that this boy's face was very familiar. This was the miniature version of Qin Mucheng. His face was really so handsome since he was young.

"Grandpa, I was saved by an Aunt and a Little Sister. I'll wait here, please ask Little Auntie to bring some money over."

After hanging up the phone, the owner looked at the time and reached out his hand, "One yuan."

Li Xu handed over one Yuan and looked at Qin Mucheng." Little friend, will someone come to pick you up later?"

Qin Mucheng nodded and said very seriously, "I have a distant Aunt here too. She will come to pick me up later."

Li Xu thought that there was nothing to do at home. Besides, it was quite dangerous for Qin Mucheng to be here alone. So she said, "Then Auntie will wait here with you."

She looked around and saw a restaurant not far away, so she asked, "Are you hungry? Auntie will treat you to a meal!"

Qin Mucheng touched his stomach and swallowed his saliva. "Then I'll have to trouble Auntie. When my aunt comes, I'll ask her to return the money to you."

Li Xu smiled lightly, "Then let's go."

Li Xu reached out and held Qin Mucheng's hand.

Qin Mucheng froze for a moment before he obediently followed Li Xu.

Ji Zi'ang and Ji Zixuan each held Ji Yuanyuan's hand and followed behind.

At this moment, a hoarse voice that sounded like a worn-out radio rang in Ji Yuanyuan's mind.

[Congratulations to the host for activating the koi constitution1]

Ji Yuanyuan suddenly stopped in his tracks and looked at Ji Zixuan, "Big Brother, did you hear a voice?"

Ji Zixuan also occasionally shook his head in puzzlement, "What voice?"

Ji Yuanyuan looked at Ji Zi'ang again, "Second Brother?"

Ji Zi'ang also shook his head, "Yuanyuan, what's wrong?"

Ji Yuanyuan frowned and only shook her head a moment later. Seeing that Li Xu and Qin Mucheng had already distanced themselves from them, she hurriedly said, "Let's hurry up and leave."

After entering the shop, Li Xu ordered a bowl of noodles for Qin Mucheng and a steamed bun for each of the three children, but she didn't have anything.

It was obvious that Qin Mucheng was famished and ate the noodles in the bowl very quickly.

Even so, he still maintained his elegance and his movements were very elegant.

After the meal, Li Xu brought the children outside.

She was afraid that Qin Mucheng's aunt would not be able to find them when she came, so she deliberately found a conspicuous place to stand.

Looking at Qin Mucheng at this moment, Ji Yuanyuan's emotions were very complicated.

This person was her ex-husband in her previous life. He was the man that she had hated in just three years. He was also the only person besides her family who cared about her life after she went missing.

Perhaps she finally understood why Qin Mucheng had married her in her previous life, and why he had searched for her crazily after she went missing.

It was probably because of this encounter when he was young?

Although it was unintentional in her previous life, she could barely be considered his savior.

However, Ji Jianguo and Qin Mucheng had never mentioned this encounter to her. In her previous life, she didn't know that she had already met Qin Mucheng when she was young.

Could it be the will of heaven? Although everything had changed in this life, by chance, she had actually met Qin Mucheng again.

Was this a chance given to her by the heavens? A chance for her to make up for Qin Mucheng?

As he thought of this, Ji Yuanyuan's eyes reddened, and he couldn't help but want to get closer to Qin Mucheng.

Li Xu watched as Ji Yuanyuan got closer and closer to the little boy, and a surprised expression appeared on her face.

Then, she felt that it was funny again. This little girl's eyes were almost glued to his face. She thought that no one would be able to see her small steps.

Li Xu suppressed her laughter and squatted down. She asked softly, "Yuanyuan, do you like this big brother?"

Ji Yuanyuan only regained his senses when he heard Li Xu's words. She was surprised to realize that she had already moved to Qin Mucheng's side. She was less than 20 centimeters away from him.

In an instant, Ji Yuanyuan's expression became a little embarrassed and angry.

Qin Mucheng looked at Ji Yuanyuan in surprise. His small face was also flushed red.

Qin Mucheng was already ten years old. He already had his own understanding of the word 'like'.

Ji Yuanyuan didn't say anything. She just turned around and threw himself into Li Xu's arms, burying her face in her arms.

How could she like a ten-year-old kid?

Seeing this, Li Xu could only Pat Ji Yuanyuan's head, "Alright, alright. I won't say anymore."

After waiting outside for about fifteen minutes, a woman's voice sounded anxiously, "Mucheng!"

Qin Mucheng looked over and the expression on his face instantly became relaxed. "Little Auntie, it's me!"

The woman heaved a sigh of relief, "Come over quickly, Big Sister?"

Li Xu also looked over and was surprised to find that Qin Mucheng's little auntie was actually Qin Xiaomin.

Ji Yuanyuan was also a little surprised. Qin Xiaomin was actually Qin Mucheng's little aunt?

But why hadn't she met Qin Xiaomin in her previous life? When they got married, many people from the Qin family went there. She followed behind Qin Mucheng and went to meet each and every one of them. She even received gifts.

But why didn't Qin Xiaomin and Director Qin appear in her memory?

"What a coincidence," Li Xu smiled.

Qin Xiaomin sized up Li Xu and said in surprise, "Big Sis, this outfit really suits you. I almost didn't recognize you just now."

Li Xu pursed her lips in embarrassment, "Thank you."

Qin Xiaomin drove here, "Big Sis, it's getting late. I'll send you home first. I came out in a hurry today, so I didn't bring anything. I'll bring Mucheng to visit you officially tomorrow."

Qin Mu Cheng was the only child of the Qin family. The few days he had gone missing had made his family extremely anxious.

Therefore, after she received the news, she hurriedly borrowed a car and came over without bringing anything. She did bring a few dollars with her, but since she had saved Mu Cheng, she naturally couldn't bring out a few dollars.

Li Xu was a little hesitant, "I'd better not trouble you…"

Qin Xiaomin did not allow Li Xu to decline, she directly pulled Li Xu to the side of the car, "Big Sis, just get in the car. It's all because of Mu Cheng that you're late. I'm not at ease if you take the three children home on a bus."

It was already past six o'clock in the evening, and the sky was completely dark.

Li Xu saw that she could not decline, and with the three children on the road at night, she was indeed a little afraid. So she got into the car, "Thank you very much."

Qin Xiaomin drove while Li Xu was in the passenger seat. The four children were all thin, so they squeezed in the back seat.

Because there were children in the car, Qin Xiaomin drove very steadily and very slowly. She asked about the situation on the road.

Li Xu then told her about how they saved Qin Mucheng in a low voice. The more she told her, the sharper Qin Xiaomin's expression became.

After Li Xu finished speaking, Qin Xiaomin snorted coldly, "A desperate dog jumps over a wall, and he actually has an idea on a child!"

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