1 Saved by Someone

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"Throw her down!"

"A dirty, shameless woman like her should be cleansed."

"Bah, this jinx should have died long ago. She did such a humiliating thing and embarrassed our entire village. If she doesn't die, no one will marry the girls in our village!"

Gu Nian was unconscious, but her mind was filled with that scene.

Because the village head's daughter's engagement was broken off, the whole village blamed the mistake on the mother and her children.

"Mother! don't drown my mother!"

Gu Nian suddenly sat up from the bed. She saw the memory of the young girl, who was also called Gu Nian, jumping into the river after seeing her mother drown. She had this memory deeply embedded in her mind.

Gu Nian looked at the strange scene in front of her in a daze. She lifted the quilt and wanted to get out of bed, but she saw the thin and tiny body under the quilt.

Gu Nian was shocked.

She raised her little hands and feet. The image of her boyfriend pushing her out to block the knife after being robbed suddenly flashed across her mind. Could it be that God saw her die so cowardly that he gave her a chance to live again?

"You're awake? Do you still feel uncomfortable?" At this moment, a middle-aged man came in from outside. He looked honest. He was holding a bowl of boiled medicine in his hand. He said with concern, "You've been running a fever for two days. Come, drink this medicine."

Gu Nian obediently took the bowl of medicine and raised her chin as she asked, "Uncle, did you save me?"

Lin Sanshui's heart softened when he was her tender little face. He had always wanted a daughter, but he had four sons. Usually, he always envied his neighbors who had daughters.

He looked at the well-behaved and sensible little girl in front of him, and his eyes became kinder. He nodded, "Little kid, where are you from? How did you fall into the river?"

Gu Nian's face turned pale as she quickly asked, "Uncle, when you saved me, did you see anyone else in the river?"

According to the memory, the original owner's mother was tied to a big stone and placed in a pig cage. Then she was thrown into the river and sank. The chances of her survival were not high.

As expected, Lin Sanshui looked at her in surprise. "Did someone else falls into the water with you? "

Gu Nian shook her head. The original owner's mother had been drowned by her clansmen because she gave birth to her and her brother before she was married. After all, they were living in ancient times when people were feudal. She could not tell strangers about this.

At the thought of the original host's older brother, Gu Nian revealed a hint of worry. She held the edge of the bowl tightly and asked, "Mister, is this place far from Fenglai Village?"

"We're at the lower reaches of the Great Xi River, and Fenglai Village is at the upper reaches. It'll probably take a day's journey to get there. Are you from Fenglai Village? " Lin Sanshui was confused. Fenglai Village was a long way from here. If Gu Nian fell into the river from there, she should have drowned already.

Gu Nian nodded as the other party looked at her in disbelief. She then looked down at her six-year-old body. She could not go back on her own.

She sighed in her heart and looked up with her big wet eyes. "Uncle, can I trouble you to send me home?"

Lin Sanshui looked at her expression of anticipation and laughed. "It's getting late. Eat well and take your medicine. Take care of your body. I'll send you home tomorrow morning, okay? "

Gu Nian raised her head and finished the medicine in one gulp. It was so bitter that it made her frown. She did not forget to look up at Lin Sanshui gratefully. "Thank you, mister."

Anyone would like an obedient child, not to mention the little doll with skin as white as snow. Her voice was soft and sweet too.

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