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The Love of Imperatrix


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Ms. Danica Clarke successful, fierce, versatile, and bold businesswoman. She has everything and everything up to her sleeve except LOVE. It is worth mentioning that she is firm in her beliefs and even the thought of falling in love gives her a feeling of disgust. Mr. Alfred Brown is the exact opposite of Danica -- the sweet, humble, and romantic. He is too established and a business oriented person, And, is in search of his true love and commitment. What will happen when their paths cross each other? Will Danica change her belief and give him a chance? A perfect rollercoaster ride, filled with passion, action, love and comedies. [ AUTHOR'S NOTE:- My dear readers, you can connect with me on Instagram- drz2_9 ] ---------------- Bonus Deal ---------------- Vote with power stones and get more chapters ! 50 votes = 1 extra chapter 100 votes = 2 extra chapters 150 votes = 3 extra chapters ***NOTE*** This novel is still serializing, Please avoid and overlook small grammatical errors ( English is not my first language). Just focus on story. :) This novel contains some mature scenes, read at your own risk. Starting chapters are not being edited, So please don't be picky about it. Later chapters (from chapter 10) All are edited and well proof readed. This story may seem fast- paced for someone and maybe slow-paced for someone. In either of the case, please bare with the story patiently. You will definitely love the novel as you keep on reading it ) Starting chapters are bit short and may not contain more /less descriptions, But later chapters are long and do contain more or less descriptions. If you are looking for character's depth , Then keep reading and you will find the depth of characters. And lastly, Thank you for reading my novel. I guarantee that you won't regret your choice. :) [ the cover of novel, is not created by me. It solely belongs to original creator ] -------------------- [ copyright No part of this book should be used, printed or copied without permission of author. ]


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