In the astral world.

A woman with divine beauty was standing on a white chariot. Her lovely, long, flowing hair adorned with a crescent moon crown. The golden dress that she wore shone on a dark night as her body radiated the hazy moonlight.

She was Selene, the goddess of the moon.

In front of her glowing eyes were three lycanthropes with very broad and muscular bodies marred with newly bad gashes, batters and bruises. Their eyes were the color of blood itself, red eyes tinted with hatred and anger. Even though their healing abilities were remarkable, poison slowed down the healing process.

"This is not the end…" The goddess of the moon's voice echoed inside their head, ringing like a mystical instrument.

Around them was the aftermath of war. Demon carcasses were laying on the ground along with their flowing rivers of blood. Vultures flew in the air with their dark eyes complimented their feathers.

"The seven demons are still alive out there, weak, but alive." The moon goddess continued.

She looked down at the three brothers of lycanthropes who growled on the ground. This time they had shifted back into their human form. Their faces were coated with blood and barely recognized.

"We don't care!!!" Jedrek Donovan hollered. He had enough with the celestial being before his eyes, goddess or not.

"You will." The moon goddess said solemnly.

Torak Donovan stood up on his shaky legs. He pursed his lips into a devious smirked. "How bold." He remarked with his guttural voice. "We're done with this."

The war between the lycanthropes and the demons that last for years, had brought enormous casualties between two parties and the other creatures in this entire terrestrial world.

One of them was the extinction of those guardian angels, the frailest creatures with astounding spirit power. Their death was a sacrifice to seal the evil force.

Jedrek has had enough with the moon goddess. He disregarded her presence by walking away from her. Looking at Jedrek departed, his two brothers, Torak and Kace Donovan, followed him.

They stepped on the demon's bodies beneath their feet, in order to remove themselves from the battlefield. The mixed scent of blood and death left such unpleasant feeling to their sense of smell.

Regardless their action and the distance among them, the moon goddess voice still echoed inside their head.

"The Hydra will resurrect someday and you need to put them back into Tartarus." Selene voiced hammered inside their ears, no matter how much distance their put.

"Without the guardian angel you can do nothing!" Torak snorted. It was those guardian angel's power who sealed the beast away and now, since they ceased to exist, nothing Selene could do to face the resurrected the beast.

"Spirit of guardian angels will breathe a new life into human child. Three guardian angels will be born into terrestrial world once again and the three of you will be their protectors."

"Protectors!!?" Jedrek snapped. In the end, he stopped walking and turned his back to look at the moon goddess from far distance away, his eyes glistening red with anger. His wolf was livid.

"Why do you think should we help?" Kace asked while narrowing his black obsidian eyes, his wolf took control of him. He was the youngest among the three and the least temperamental among them.

The three of them were cursed by Selene because of their ferocious action to gain supreme power and authority.

The moon goddess didn't bless them with mate as a punishment of their atrocious past action and forced them to involve in this deadly war with the demons.

"You will turn us into a slave for those sickly creatures!?" Torak demanded incredulously. "Don't you afraid that we will snap them into two?"

The guardian angels were so fragile and as lycanthropes,they didn't appreciate their weaknesses.

"No, you will not." Selene said patiently. "You will not be their slave nor hurt them, you will cherish them in every way possible."

Jedrek laughed menacingly upon hearing this. They didn't care about the beast's resurrection. Once they crossed their territory, with or without the guardian angel he would tear their body apart. "Once I them, I will be the last person they would see." He was referring to both the guardian angel and the demon.

But, the next voice from Selene was laced with mirthfulness as she said,

"You will not hurt your mate."

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