I was almost about to lose my faith

Was still dreaming but feared it was too late

But then you came along to my surprise

And stole my heart before my very eyes

-Out of the Blue, by: MLTR-


It was Raphael that finally ushered the two women out of the room. He talked about finishing the paper work of Raine's adoption and there would be some other people who would handle the following necessary procedures.

Once it was only Torak, Raine, and the grey wolf, Torak took a seat at the edge of her bed as the bed screeched under his weight and its startled Raine.

She raised her head and looked at him with fear dancing on her dark eyes.

"I will not hurt you." Torak said without breaking eye contact between them. "Please, we have to go." He reached out his hand carefully. He had never said please to anyone, but he pleaded to her not to be afraid of him.

Raine looked at Torak's big hand and the grey wolf that tilted his head innocently while looking at her. She had seen a wolf before, they rarely appeared and never attacked her like the other creatures, but to actually saw them, it still gave her chills. These creatures' size was three times bigger than actual wolves in real life.

Torak followed her gaze. "Shift." He said toward Calleb.

Calleb stepped aside, disappeared from Raine's line of sight before he appeared again in his suit. Scratching the back of his hand, he gave Raine a big warmth smile. "Hallo Raine, my name is Calleb." 

Raine's eyes widened in shock, her lips parted. She didn't know if they could transform into humans.

"Calleb, you can wait outside." Torak said while assessing Raine's expression. She was in shock, yet it was plainly seen that it wasn't her first time to encounter a shapeshifter.

Calleb grinned at Raine before he closed the door.

"We need to go now, my love…" Torak said softly, his tone changed drastically when he talked with her.

The endearment word in his sentence made Raine look at him in confusion. She didn't know why this stranger called her that way and also she didn't want to blindly follow him.

Torak sighed when he saw her reaction. Ignoring her trapped being uncomfortable, he moved closer until his chest touched her knees, she petrified.

"You are my mate Raine—and no sane creature would hurt their own mate, no matter how evil that creature you are." He looked at her right in her eyes. "Don't fear me, I will never hurt you. I will never let anyone hurt you."

It had been a long time since the last time someone gave such a comforting look like Torak just gave to her, without any judgment or resentment.

Over the past eight years she slowly began to get used to the way other people around her saw her. Especially when they put her in the mental institution, she was the crazy girl. They had been avoiding her like a plague ever since.

They gave her that look as if she had grown three heads and would throw gazes full of disgust. But, the stranger in front of her was different. His eyes held concerned and weirdly enough to find how her body relaxed around him.

Torak stretched out his hand and cupped her face in his big palm. "Can you feel that?" He whispered in his husky voice.


Raine could feel the spark that electrocuted her skin when he touched her, it didn't hurt, but tickled her in a nice way.

She felt it before when Torak hugged her, but didn't mind about it further because she was clouded by her fear. But, now when she felt it clearly, it made her feel this warm sensation creeping around her face, the kind of sensation that made her want to touch him more. She felt safe.

"You feel it too, right?" Torak moved closer and touched his forehead with hers. "Hurting you is like hurting myself and I will never do that…" He whispered to her.

His warm breath and the spark sensation that Raine felt made her tensed nerves relaxed. 

"Now, will you come with me?" 

Raine nodded. Her body answered him before her mind could process it. Yet, to think about how she had been living in this past year inside the orphanage, she knew she wouldn't regret her decision. She believed him and it was strange, but at the same time she knew it was the right thing to do. 

The mate bond worked its way.

"Good." Torak pulled away from her and beamed into a bright smile that seemingly put Raine under a spell as she couldn't draw her eyes off of him. "We need to go now, my love."


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