The Love Mark of the Werewolf Book

novel - Fantasy

The Love Mark of the Werewolf


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On the eve of her wedding, Emma was on the way home from her bachelor party when she felt someone following her. At night, she had an erotic dream. She dreamed of making love to a handsome man, but when she turned her head, the man revealed his teeth and oddly shaped ears. She was startled awake and realized it was already morning. However, her groom just disappeared on the day of her wedding. She was puzzled and absolutely dejected. The next day, the news reported that many people had gone missing. She realized that they were all employees of the company that her fiancé worked for. In order to find out the truth, she joined the company and became the general manager's secretary. On her first day at work, she observed the company's interior and discovered some strange things. For some reason, there wasn’t a single silver product or garlic at the company. Furthermore, no one was allowed in the President’s office on the 18th floor after office hours. While she went to the toilet, she overheard some indecent acts and received some special information – there was a new President. In order to figure out more, she tried everything she could to enter the 18th floor. However, the President appeared and caught her. She had never met him before, but could somehow sense a somewhat familiar aura…


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