2 Chapter 2

Lacey's eyes were opened in a flash, the light from the window came warm and bright as the figure in the bright light walked toward her. When the shadow of her figure fell on Lacey, she looked up and smiled.

"Good morning Fay." Fay's face looked as in-expressive as ever, as she said "Good morning Princess, today you have lessons, as always, make sure you attend or I will be talking to your mother again." As she talked she had walked over to the wardrobe and pulled out the blue dress that shined and shivered in the sunlight.

Lacey could not help but look and admire how beautiful it was. Fay put the dress over the chair that was in the room. Lacey got up and started undressing out of her night clothes. She slipped the dress over her head and pulled it down. She put her arms in the long sleeves that came perfectly to her wrists, the skirt came perfectly to her ankles.

Fay stepped behind her and zipped up the back. Lacey stopped and admired herself. The dress fit perfectly, she turned around in a circle, the fabric flowing as she spun around. She stopped and looked in the mirror, "wow." She breathed. Fay walked over to the vanity and picked up a brush. Lacey walked over to the stool and sat down, the blue fabric flowing around her. Fay started brushing her sandy blond hair in long strokes, then braided it. Her hair was the same color as her mother's, when it was braided it came down to her waist. Fay then put the golden circlet on Lace's head. When she was done, Lacey said a thank you as she left the room.

              Lacey left her rooms and went to the smaller of the two family rooms where they took their morning meal. When she arrived everyone was already there. Her father sat at one end of the rather big table and her mother sat at the other end in their standard blue and gold attire of the kingdom. Angela sat on the right side of her father in a beautiful sea green dress. Her family looked at her as she walked in.

Her father had a proud look and her mother smiled, her sister looked in awe. She walked in and gave her mother a good morning kiss and sat down by her sister and looked at her father. He smiled then looked at the door as someone came in. Lacey didn't have to look over her shoulder to know who it was, her brother. His hair was the same sandy blonde as hers. It was damp and in a messy attempt to be combed. He sat down, his face sleepy and half awake.

Angela giggled and he looked at her, "do you know how long I was up last night trying to...." He trailed off as he looked at lacey. "morning sis, how was the party?" he said instead. Lacey looked at him and laughed. "it was great because father was there and mother made the ball room so beautiful."  The kitchen maids came in at that moment and set plates of all kinds of foods and drinks down on the table.

"Good morning my dear children." Said their father, "good morning." They all said. The family started putting food on their plates in silence, their father took a drink from the cup in front of him and said, "So I was thinking of taking you all with me on my next adventure, I know I have been promising that I would take you guys with me."

All of the children stared in shock. "Really?" said Lacey. Her father had never let them go on his adventures because he said it was "dangerous stuff". Angela was speechless as she looked at her father, Alex just kept eating. "Yes, your father and I have been talking about it and we have decided that it would be fun to take a family trip to the south." Her mother said. Lacey quickly took a bite of her bacon and eggs, then took a sip of milk. "When are we going? Angela asked, her food forgotten.

She was looking at her father, in all the 12 years she had never been on the big ships that sailed around the island kingdom that was her home, neither had Lacey. As for Alex, he had been with his father on many trips. Her mother's homeland was far to the west of their island.

She was the princess of a small kingdom and had found the adventurer interesting, charming, and kind. When he had asked her to marry him, she had said yes. It was love at first sight. Lacey looked at her father waiting for him to reply to Angela's question. She was as eager to know as her little sister. Her father finished up his food and said "In three days we will leave, it will give me time to get the castle ready for our departure and it will give you all time to pack."

Her mother smiled and said "now all of you off to your lessons and be good to your teachers. They are here to help you learn not for you to play tricks and jokes on." Lacey giggled and got up from her chair and said "O K Mother." It was echoed by Angela. Alex stayed quite as he got up and walked out. As soon as they got out the door, Angela started laughing, Alex joining in Lacey could not help but giggle too.

They reached the library Alex pushed the doors open, the girls went in, followed. Mrs. Will was waiting for them with a pile of books in hand, she said nothing has she gestured for them to follow, they went to a small room of the library, she shut the door behind them. "Good Moring" She said as she sat down in a bigger desk then the other desks in the room, she gestured for them to sit, they did. The lesson went on for about an hour before the mischief started happening, Alex was dozing,

Lacey started making one of her papers into an airplane, Angela raised her hand and made a noise, Mrs. Will looked up and said. "Yes princess Angela?". "I'm bored." Angela said, Mrs. Will looked un-impressed, "Princess Angela I'm here to help you learn, if you are bored then leave, but I will be having a talk with your mother."

Angela sighed and smiled sweetly as she went back to pretending to read the book in front of her, Mrs. Will looked over to where Alex was sleeping. "Prince Alex" She said. Alex didn't move, Lacey looked up from her airplane, as Mrs. Will walked over to get Alex's attention.

She dropped a book down on the desk, Alex shot up, his two sisters started laughing, Mrs. Will looked tired as she walked back to her desk. "Let's try and stay awake Prince Alex." She said. Lacey sighed, the lesson was almost over. Mrs. Will was a scary lady, she was harder to play jokes on then the other teachers they had in the past.

When the lesson was over Lacey went out to the garden, she went straight to her secret place and sat on the bench. She opened the book that she had with her, and lost herself in the pages. The morning wore on, the sun was shining bright, a bird in tree near by sang a bird song. Lacey soon got up, placing the book down on the bench, it was afternoon now she should go get her some food, she looked up at the sky, the clouds lazed across the sky like fluffy pillows.

She sighed, she heard noises and looked in the direction they came from. Mia came through the bushes and smiled when she was her. "Hey, I have been looking for you." Mia walked past her and sat on the bench picking up the book, she giggled.

"The Prince's bride!" Lacey took the book away from Mia, setting it back on the bench. "Judge another day!" Lacey said, sitting down again.

Mia looked at the sky and sighed then said. "So. You going to go in three days on a trip, do you know how long you will be gone?" Lacey looked at Mia. "No..." She said. "Oh." Was all Mia said, about five minutes they sat in silence, then Mia got up and look up at Lacey. "That dress..." She said, then went silent, Lacey look down at her dress and stopped, it was not blue anymore it was a pastel green. She stood slowly as Mia stared, Lacey stared to as it turned back to blue. "What! Was that!!" Lacey said, the dress shined, the fabric flowing even though there was no wind.

Mia started laughing and jumping up and down. "it's magic!" She said, Lacey looked down at her dress, it felt alive as the fabric touched her skin, she breathed in a light breath. She stared at Mia who was still giggling and saying it is magic and staring in awe. "It's so neat, you are so lucky! Do you think it changes shape to?"

Mia said, Lacey look at her. "It feels alive." She breathed, Mia smiled big and said. "I feel it, its magic!". "Probably" Lacey said, they fell silent, each wondering what had just happened. Mia sighed. "Well let's go get something to eat, then I will help you pack." She said. Lacey nodded and got up, they walked arm in arm through the garden, and back into the palace.

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