1 Can’t beleive It’s you

I was walking around outside I tripped over a well placed Rock a couple of Boys laughter at me as I stumbled to stand up straight. "You think Thats funny?" I asked I grabbed the Rock and threw it at them "ugh Damn Boys." I thought to My self as I dusted off My skirt I picked up My Books I heard the School bell ring "Oh No!" I yelled as I ran towards the school. I walked into the door "s-sorry i'm late some Boys distracted me" I said as I looked at My teacher "just sit down Ms.Asumi." She replied pointing at a desk in the back. "Hi My name is Naiomi." A girl Who looked familiar said as I sat down. "Nice to meet you My name is Ashido Asumi." I replied "it's very nice to meet you Ashido My old friend has the same name as you." She said with a smile. "I had a friend names Naiomi Asakuta she looked a lot like you." I said smiling "Thats weird Asakuta is My last name." She said I grabbed My phone and pulled up an old photo of me and My friend We both looked at it "I remember taking that photo." She said we looked at eachother "Air head?" I said in a know Voice "Poppy seed!" She replied. "You remebered My Nick name!" I said with Joy as I gave her My contacts. "Thanks and of course I remembered your nickname" She said as she put my phone number into her phone "so do you have any hobbies?" She asked "yeah I like to draw and write!" I replied "that's nice" "GIRLS STOP YOUR YAKKING AND PAY ATTENTION!" My teacher Mrs.Lunimor yelled to the back of the class room