1 Green Eyed Gift

"He's dead... he is not breathing." the Elvenpriest said hesitantly, afraid of the consequences that might come from failing his duty.

"No! It can't be true, he is my only son, do something!" Durlax, the Father of the seemingly dead boy, said, "Who is going to carry my heritage into the next generation?"

The treacherous Mother has been planning on getting rid of her newborn by drinking a vial of toxic fluid, which prohibits the full birth of a healthy child.

"How... Why... but I can't believe it! The priests said this birth is going to be a success!" Raela, Wife of Durlax, spoke with her best acting voice and her years of deception and fake love, which helped her become the lying high elve she is today.

Suddenly all of the present Elves in this room looked outside of the window because they were able to hear a melodic voice coming from above. No one was able to make out whose voice this could've been.

And then... a moment of shock.

The Boy opened his eyes and as he noticed no one was giving him any attention he started crying.

Wide-open the eyes of every Elve in this sacred room.

Everyone turned their heads around, some of them recoiled in shock, some of them, especially the father and the priest, couldn't believe their luck.

Screaming out of the top of his lungs the boy began to blink with his eyes and see the world around him.

The first things he saw were some smiles, some confused faces, and somehow he felt a pinch of evilness flowing through the room.

At the moment he is nothing but a small baby so it didn't really have any impact on him.

The father held his son up and was thinking of a fitting name.

"Admira, this name stands for wonders among us elves!"

"Admira, Ur'Kivar what a sound it packs!"

Whilst holding him up, he was praying to the goddess of the elves for his son to stay in a good condition.

"I thank Goddess Z'tarla for gifting my son a second chance at life" his father shouted while trying to hold back his tears.

The priest was curious about the fact that the boy was still not breathing but he did well by keeping quiet because he didn't want to interfere with the father's happiness.

The sisters, in charge of the birth, followed the priest's example and stayed quiet.

"Green Eyes... well that is rather unfortunate." were Raela's words, as she tried to hide her anger for this child's birth.

"Now is not the time for this Raela!" said Durlax disapprovingly.

"You yourself know that green eyes are a characteristic of the wood elves, the inferior race. He won't be able to continue our noble lineage."

"Enough Raela! We won't debate about this on the day of Z'tarla's blessing!"

Raela flicked her tongue as she was making a fist which led to her palms bleeding less about the fact that an inferior child was born from her but more about the tone and style of Durlax talking to her.

After this incident (how Raela would call this), the baby was taken to the "Divine Room", where he would be cleansed from all impurities in his body, a specialty that only high elves could experience.

He was bathed in liquid that radiated light. It consisted of concentrated sunbeams that were magically transformed into a liquid that would be non-lethal to the body and would instead nourish it.


???: Was it really worth it?

???: We will see, only the future will tell. If he can do what he is destined to do, it should be more than enough

???: Ha... We can only wait, Z'tarla will notice any of your interferings, this is the only time I will be able to help in this matter.

???: I see that he will be able to change the current state. Maybe he is the one who we are searching for


[6 months later]

'Ahh... finally I won't have to breastfeed this little abomination anymore'

Raela thought to herself while preparing her son's first bottle of elven milk. This time it was not the milk of her instead it was one of the maids that provided it.

She held the baby close to her chest and began to feed him while looking him smilingly in the green eyes.

Did she finally accept HER son? Did she start to love the child?

The moment after that proves the opposite.

Her face slowly warped into indifference and after a while, it showed signs of uneasiness and anger.

'What is going on? Why isn't he showing any signs of being in pain or even the slightest of discomfort'

As if that wasn't enough the baby looked rather happy and burped in the face of his mother which led to her coughing and trying to catch air.

"*cough* what is this? This terrifying stench, almost forced me to pass out."

'Did he just burp out the poison? What is this monster?' Raela looked with incredible eyes at the boy in her arms and couldn't believe how such a potent poison couldn't even harm a baby.

'This insolent alchemist! Did he give me a counterfeit and think I wouldn't notice?'

This was the first time but not the last time she punished an alchemist for giving her "wrong" poison.

A lot of years would pass and the mother would try many different poisons and concoctions on the boy, yet he would always come out unscathed.

Raela didn't know that Admira, the little baby, was gifted with the talent of not having to breathe. Since he can't breathe, his blood didn't flow regularly and his metabolism wasn't affected in any way because of the poison.

Just like this many months passed until he was old enough to finally walk and speak his first words.